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How Much Do You Spend On Your Car?

Do you keep track of all the money you spend on maintenance, repairs, fuel, financing, insurance, and other assorted fees? Our average lifetime spending on automobiles is $335,080 and that's about 10% of our average lifetime earnings with a bachelor's degree. Learn the costs of ownership in the first five years for some of the best selling cars of 2013 and a few ways to keep operating costs down in the infographic below:

Jesse Aaron 5 years ago

15 Signs Your Insanity Is Completely Normal

We all have our share of behavioral quirks or eccentricities. The good news is that most of them aren’t actually that unique – nor do they constitute some personal failure on our part. Here are 15 ways to prove it:

Jesse Aaron 5 years ago

11 Critters And Insects That Lurk In And Around Our Homes

We love our homes. We spend time making them cozy and comfortable, and we take great pride in them. Unfortunately, all that effort doesn’t always get the kind of attention we were hoping for. Animals and insects love our homes almost as much as we do! While some of these may be temporary visitors that have gotten themselves in over their heads, others are determined to become our roommates. So who may we one day meet inside?

Jesse Aaron 5 years ago

21 Facts About Alcohol, Drinking Habits, And Consequences

Like baseball, binge drinking is somewhat of an American pastime. We tend to romanticize it or build it up into an inevitability, as when we read articles about the biggest “party schools” in the US. Going to college will be for many students their first exposure to alcohol. However, this problem goes further than with college students alone. There’s nothing wrong with drinking in moderation, and arming yourself with knowledge is the first step toward maintaining your self-control. Next time one of your buddies threatens to drink you under the table, keep these facts in mind.

Jesse Aaron 5 years ago

7 Cool Gadgets We Can't Wait To Get Our Hands On

It’s been a little over a month since the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and technology lovers are still reeling. To be shown a future that’s literally within your grasp and sitting right outside your door is thrilling. There’s nothing cooler than seeing your everyday life morph into something much more high tech. Whether it’s your dishwasher or your car stereo, almost everything we encounter tends to be getting smarter. Here are seven gadgets worth waiting for:

Jesse Aaron 5 years ago

Why Do Teens Do Drugs?

An insightful animation showing the statistics and reasons behind illegal & prescription drug abuse, conformity, and how they're commonly acquired. This was created by 12 Keys Rehab.

Jesse Aaron 5 years ago