Elizabeth W.
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    • Elizabeth W.

      @ Rob Oliver. I was on-board with you till you said you didn’t need to pay taxes because you work hard. I work hard too, but I pay my taxes. It sucks. I miss my money, but it’s the price I pay for the services my community and nation offer me. I tip 20% minimum on every check, usually more than that. I used to be a server and I was very honest about reporting my wages then, too. I’m sympathetic as to how hard servers work and truly appreciative of the service I receive when I go out. Because of my experience as a server I can figure out that the service may be slow because my server has too many tables and I can understand that everyone has a bad day every now and then. I’m pretty understanding about work culture in a restaurant. But you aren’t getting my sympathy because you prefer a cash tip so you can cheat on your taxes. All that just did was confirm that I need to be sure and pay/tip with my credit card from now on.

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