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    • izaakg

      Jeb is a RINO… Obama, Democrats and and RINO Republicans all work for the same bankers and special interests. Other than a few hot-button social issues, the two political parties are one in the same. Most tax paying voters will never realize this. And the Special interests who profit will always pay the MSM to keep us in the dark.
      Neo-Cons = Neo-Libs
      Bush, Cheney, Graham & McCain = Obama, Clinton, Reid and Pelosi Both groups have no elegance to our Constitution, but for our growing police state under the leadership of a corrupt and privately owned Federal Reserve. This is an age similar to Socialist Germany in the 1930s. Government propaganda and special interests control our media. The government spies on its people and asks them to spy on each other. Clueless Americans… Let’s give up our constitutional rights for “Fear of Men in Caves”! Sad…..

    • izaakg

      While POTUS parties away, the media hides his massive Chicago mob corruption. While he centralizes government power for special interests (Federal Reserve-Goldman Sachs and Monsanto), the media sells him asacaring soul that works for the common man. Ouch!!!! Does this not sound like “Socialist” N@zi Germany in the 1930s? The leader of the German “Socialist” Party (also known as Hitler) pushed citizens to spy on each other(Big Sis), claimed there were conspiracies against the government (right wingers), used false flags(Fast&Furious), used race and class warfare to get elected and divide the people(the Tea Party is racist and rich people are evil), demanded that citizens accept searches withoutawarrant (NDAA), administered centralized economic planning managed byacorrupt central bank (Fed Reserve), forced government controlled healthcare (Obamacare), death panels(Obamacare), healthcare focused on the most productive citizens (as stated by Rahm Emanuel and Obamacare), mass abortion on minorities (Planned Parenthood) and obviously mass Gun Control. In reality, Gun violence is down 40% from the mid 90s, yet they create hysteria by lying through their teeth. Notice that the DHS has purchased over2Billion rounds in the past two years. All the while Obama signs unconstitutional executive orders to limit ammo for the public. These are tyrannical operations. This administration took the worst of Bush (Crushing debt, war, police state policies and constitutional destruction) and accelerated the agenda. Our leaders continue to use our soldiers to fight wars for banks and contractors. Why? Because you people keep electing them. Both parties are two heads on the same monster. Why do you think the Republicans robbed Ron Paul? He wanted to audit their and Obama’s overlords at the corrupt and privately owned Federal Reserve. Unfortunately you reap what you sow. Cheers!

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