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13 Ways I Lost My Baby Fat

I tried and failed all of 2015 but this year, I'm coming up on top.

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1. Drank my Spark first

Spark is my morning pickup. I dread waking up in the morning, especially when I'm waking up to work out. Looking forward to Spark every morning helped me get up and gave me the energy for my workout.

2. Came up with a K/A Playlist

Knowing that I would be listening to my favorite tunes during cardio helped me actually look forward to running. Sometimes it made literally go the extra mile just so I could continue listening to music

3. Planned My Breakfast Beforehand

Thinking about my premeditated healthy breakfast while I was running made me look forward to eating. Before, I skipped breakfast, which actually made me gain weight but eating a big breakfast made me eat less throughout the day


Having a cheat day made me binge eat on those days, completely ruining all progress. Instead, if after drinking water and trying a healthier alternative I still absolutely could not live without my guilty pleasure, I ate it. Just a much, much smaller portion. A fun size snickers bar satisfied me as much as a large one and half a can of Dr. Pepper was just as good as a route 44. Cheat days just make you miserable during the week and add pressure to eat on them.

7. Don't count or time your exercises

Go until you can't go any longer. Over work yourself. Did you do 20 or 80 crunches? Did you do cardio for 30 or 60 minutes? It doesn't really matter if you are doing all you can do. Limits prevent you from doing your best and really hold you back. So don't make them.

11. Unless there is a deficiency, don't take vitamin supplements.

I take biotin for my hair, iron when I'm anemic and melatonin before bed, other then that I don't take vitamins. If you are eating healthy, you can get all the vitamins you need, supplements just cost money and can sometimes be dangerous.

13. Oh for the love of all that is good, DON'T GO VEGAN

Cutting out meats prevents you from gaining muscle, and when you don't gain enough muscle, you will crave carbs and sugars to make up for it. But carbs and sugars don't gain muscle, they gain fat. Eat meats in moderation and aim for lean meats but don't cut them out.

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