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15 Ways Of Coping With Your Best Friend Across The Country (Or Down The Street)

If you read this, then you can understand why coping with your best friend being far away is probably one of the most painful separations you'll have to endure.

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1. Forget texting. / Via

Write some good 'ol fashioned snail mail to each other. Even if the two of you have been texting all day, the surprise of a letter will warm your heart right up.

2. Okay, maybe don't forget texting. / Via

I know I just said to forget texting but we live in the 21st century and we NEED to text our best friends. Text your thoughts, text your inside jokes, even text pictures of your day to day life (including that extra piece of pie you just ate).

3. Try calling your best friend over the phone. / Via

I know that most of us are terrified of actually using our smartphones, as you know, a real phone, but DO IT. Pick up the phone, call your best friend and tell each other stories quicker than a snap chat or text ever could.

4. Watch a TV show or a movie together. / Via

Lorelai and Rory had it right - watching TV shows or movies together with your best friend is the best thing in the world. Even though the two of you are apart, you can watch the show together and text each other during those "OMG I CAN'T STAND THIS SUSPENSE" parts (I'm talking to you Scandal, end of season 1).

5. Start and end the day with them. / Via

This applies for all those best friends out there who have lived together and are used to seeing their best friends tired or groggy face in the morning or at night. Text each other on your way to work and when you finish that episode of Netflix as you head to bed. It's ALMOST like turning the light off in the living room and closing your door across the hall from them.

6. Send each other clothes. / Via

Ever wake up in the morning and hate your wardrobe? That's what a best friend is there for! Regularly send each other clothes to keep rotating the feeling as if you just walked into their closet, took that guilty pleasure sequined shirt of theirs (with their "token" permission), and wore it all day long. Think of all the new outfits you can make (and maybe even start your own sisterhood of the traveling clothing item, if you're into that).

7. On that note, send each other pictures or fun items! / Via

I have this best friend who sends me pop up stickers and pictures of our former (*tear) lives together. Nothing makes life instantly BETTER than to relive our fun times with our amazing selfies from that one college party.

8. Don't just mark the calendar for the next time they're in town. / Via

PLAN an adventure together! Nothing says true friendship than being able to withstand an eight hour road trip with them or traveling across new countries. TRUST me.

9. Keep each other updated! / Via

There is nothing too mundane in your life that your best friend won't appreciate. They need to know EVERYTHING. From sharing that there is something in your eye to discussing what best outfit to wear, your best friend (though far away) is there to help.

10. Start a book club. A knitting club. ANY CLUB. / Via

No, this doesn't make either of you introverts who hate the world, it just is another way of creating something special that only the two of you do. Inside jokes are great, but inside jokes about the attempted scarfs you both are trying to knit will make you laugh even more.

11. SKYPE. / Via

Okay, I've given in. Of course, technology is a great way to keep in touch and nothing says BEST FRIEND than doing the regular show and tell via Skype/FaceTime.

12. Leave creepy messages to each other (but nice ones). / Via

We all saw that wonderful missed connection - why not write something similar for your best friend? Slightly weird, but honestly, what two best friends are not weird together?

13. Photoshop pictures of them onto other pictures.

Remember that one time the two of you went to Coney Island? Yeah, they soon will. / Via

Remember that one time the two of you went to Coney Island? Yeah, they soon will.

14. Indulge in friendship bracelets and necklaces. / Via

A diamond might be forever but the wear and tear of friendship bracelets will really show your friendship across the distance. Or maybe you're just really into bracelets.

15. Become an in-law. / Via

If distance threatens to keep you far away from each other, just marry into their family. That way, you're always guaranteed to see them! FOOL-PROOF PLAN.

16. Just remember... / Via

Distance is really just another way to become better best friends! FRIENDS FOREVER!

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