21 Ways Your Life Changes When Your Best Friend Is Away

You’ll have sent this to them faster than you can say “separation anxiety.”

1. Your average number of texts-per-day skyrockets. Seriously, when are you not texting each other?

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2. And, of course, most of those texts make no sense because they’re so littered with inside jokes.

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3. You’ve programmed your phone to tell you the time and weather report for where they are now.

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4. You plan your weekends around the two-hour Skype date you have scheduled.

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5. If you weren’t already “Best Friends” on Snapchat, you are now.

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6. You always have leftovers because you’re used to cooking for two.

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7. Your Facebook timeline is monopolized by links from them.

And vice-versa.

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8. You begrudgingly do fun things with other people, knowing that everything would be a billion times more fun with your absent biffle.

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9. You’ve become a more responsible drinker because you no longer have a guaranteed caretaker.

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10. Your dating game is off because you’re not used to making romantic decisions without hours of BFF-consultation first.

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11. While talking to other people, you find yourself telling a lot of stories that end with “… I guess you had to be there.”

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12. You keep finding your BFF’s clothes in your closet. And you wear them, unabashedly.

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13. Nearly all of your #throwbackthursday pictures are of the two of you.

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14. Whenever you have a funny experience, you immediately start composing the way you’ll relay it to your BFF.

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15. You’ve started saving up to visit them. In fact, you started that the moment they left.

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16. When you have a bad day, you literally don’t know what to do with yourself.

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17. When the town they’re in makes the news, you immediately bring it to their attention, no matter how irrelevant or obscure the information is.

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18. You’ve found creative ways to say “I miss you” because you say it way too much.

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19. You have your calendar marked for your reunion, no matter how far off it is.

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20. Seriously, the anticipation is making you all sorts of incoherent.

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21. It’s OK because when you finally reunite, it will be well worth the wait.

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But for now, sending them this will do.

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