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11 Guys Ruining Tinder For The Rest Of Us

Tinder seems like a great way to meet members of the opposite sex. What could possibly go wrong? Well these 11 candidates for man of the year don't speak on behalf of our gender. I promise. These are genuine Tinder photos and conversations taken from the phones of my friends.

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1. Mr. Self Aware

Hotel room? Check. Crate of cheap beer? Check. 6 Coronas in case she is classy? Check. Green pants crotch grab photo? Check. Sit back and wait for the knock at the door. That'll be housekeeping then.

2. Mr. Comedy Genius

There's nothing like an inappropriate and poor taste in comedy to leave a bad taste in the mouth and cost yourself a date. Oh not the cock statue profile photo! That's hilarious! Russell Howard though? Unforgivable.

4. Mr. Optimistic

Oh come on Dave! Be realistic! Yes you are an 'experienced' and 'expert' lover but know your audience! Also, my advice is not to give a menacing smile that makes them happy you're 15 miles away. If only we knew what his family car and home looked like...

5. Mr. Chivalry

This modern day poet really sets the bar high for the rest of us mere mortals. For such a wordsmith, he doesn't seem to be that fussy. Unless of course you are from West London, in which case don't expect a reply. Every man has a line.

6. Mr Self Confidence

Imran's tough paper round clearly affected his grammar as much as his appearance but this has become commonplace in mobile dating. It really does take a new level of arrogance to liken yourself to crack, though. Maybe wind in the boasting a little, fellas.

7. Mr Dexter

Rule number 1 of dating. Always keep them guessing. Rule number 2 of dating. Don't always keep them guessing about whether you plan to murder them and hang them in your basement. Goodbye John.

8. Mr Age Appropriate

If you were looking for a Spandeau Ballet tribute act then yes you may very well call Martin. However, as this was taken from the tinder account of a girl in her early 20s then no Martin, we don't want to go to the discotheque!

10. Mr. Over Honest

I am a gambling man myself but you really aren't helping yourself or indeed us by revealing these odds! You don't need to reveal every single detail! Like why you were on your Tinder at 450am on a Monday morning for instance.

11. Mr. Really Not Getting It

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. You aren't helping to dispel stereotypes are you? One can only presume that one of those 10 shared interests isn't monogamy and one can only hope the shared friend isn't the bride.

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