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10 Steps To Surviving Valentines Day For The Single Male

You don’t care about Valentines’ do you? It’s for wimps, right? So, why do you stop when you get to Love Actually on your Sky remote having worryingly seen it before. Hollywood, much like the eligible females, have overlooked the sensitive male, but worry not. Here are ten tips to get you through the longest day of the year.

itscraig 5 years ago

11 Guys Ruining Tinder For The Rest Of Us

Tinder seems like a great way to meet members of the opposite sex. What could possibly go wrong? Well these 11 candidates for man of the year don't speak on behalf of our gender. I promise. These are genuine Tinder photos and conversations taken from the phones of my friends.

itscraig 5 years ago

8 Things People Born On Christmas Day Are Sick Of Hearing

There is statistically just as much chance of being born on December 25th as there is March 5th, August 14th or November 1st but for some reason people are fascinated by our day of birth above all others. A sure fire way to not make friends with one of us Christmas babies is to go down this predictable path of questions. Here's some tips on how not to turn a Kevin McAllister into a Grinch.

itscraig 5 years ago