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    Donald Trump Just Pulled A Rob Ford And Said He'd "Stop The Gravy Train"

    "I'm gonna stop the gravy train."

    So, for the last year a lot of Canadians have been comparing Donald Trump to Rob Ford.

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    But this week Trump pretty much confirmed the link when he vowed to "stop the gravy train" — borrowing the late Toronto politician's favourite phrase.

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    And people in Toronto were like:

    @ddale8 I need to know if this is a joke or not.

    It's all happening.....

    Ford, who died earlier this from cancer, became Toronto mayor in 2010 vowing to "stop the gravy train" at city hall. It was an anti-establishment rallying cry that summarized his political vision for the city.

    While this seems to be the first time Trump has talked about the gravy train, it's not the first time his campaign has used Ford's iconic gravy-based political metaphor.

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    In December, Trump's national spokesperson Katrina Pierson told CNN's Brian Stelter that Republicans threatened by Trump were "suddenly see[ing] the gravy train drying up."

    And here's what Ford himself had to say about Trump back in 2015, right after the billionaire announced his candidacy.

    "A lot of the media were taking shots at him and making it out to be a joke but in the end it will be them who will be surprised," the then-city councillor told the Toronto Sun. "They can laugh all they want but Mr. Trump is a very successful man and a very good candidate for president."

    "Very few thought I would win the mayor's race in 2010 and they were wrong."


    UPDATE: Rob Ford's family approves.

    Happy that Rob's phrase of 'Stop the Gravy Train' is playing a part on who is going to be the next president of the USA. (1/2)

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