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    The March Titles For Stan Have Dropped And Here's Everything You'll Be Able To Watch

    Time to grab your snacks and get settled on the couch.

    Gather 'round, gather 'round. The Stan Goblet Of Fire is about to spit out a bunch of new titles for the month of March.

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    Or if you haven't watched Harry Potter and have no idea what the Goblet of Fire is, here's all the good stuff you'll be able to watch ASAP.

    First up, TV shows β€” and there's a bunch of binge-worthy ones that are set to premiere, like Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, First Wives Club and Leavenworth.


    Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist follows a computer coder who begins to hear the wants, desires and thoughts of the people around her through music. Interested? It's already available to stream.

    Likewise, First Wives Club is ready to watch right now. It's all about female friendship empowerment and revolves around three previously estranged friends β€” Ari, Hazel and Bree β€” who team up to navigate a public divorce, an unsatisfying marriage and a relationship with a cheating husband.

    And lastly, Leavenworth is a true crime docuseries that focuses on Clint Lorance, his 19 year murder sentence and the military justice system. This one will drop on March 26.

    And if you're hoping for new seasons of your fave shows, well, you're in luck. There'll be new episodes of Better Call Saul (Episode 1 and 2 out now), RuPaul's Drag Race (Episode 1 out now) and Black Monday (March 15) to press play on.


    As well as weekly episodes of The Circus (Mondays), The Bold Type (Fridays), Will & Grace (Fridays) and Kidding (Sundays).


    Or if it's a Friday night movie you're after, look no further than No Strings Attached (March 6), The Machinist (March 13) and The Italian Job (March 27).

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    That's it for this month! Happy streaming.


    Here's everything that you can watch on Stan in March:

    March 1

    The Kingmaker

    A United Kingdom

    March 2

    Revolutionary Road

    March 3

    Playing It Cool

    March 4

    Tiny Furniture


    Pusher II

    Pusher III

    March 5

    Beavis And Butt-Head Do America

    Drive Hard

    March 6

    The Trade: Season 2 (Premiere)

    Dear Dumb Diary

    No Strings Attached

    March 7

    Almost Christmas (AKA All Is Bright)

    March 9

    Three Monkeys

    March 10


    March 11

    Cockneys and Zombies

    Our Day Will Come

    March 12

    The Deep Blue Sea

    Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

    March 13

    The Machinist

    Christmas All Over Again

    March 14


    March 15

    60 Days In: Season 4

    Black Monday: Season 2 (Episode 1 and 2 premiere)

    March 16


    March 17


    March 18



    March 19

    Chasing Great

    The Snitch Cartel

    March 20

    First Wives Club (Season 1)

    The Dictator

    Tad The Lost Explorer

    March 21


    March 22


    March 23

    Made In Bangladesh

    March 24


    Bloody Milk

    March 25


    Our Time

    March 26

    Leavenworth (Season 1)

    Saint Frances

    Breath Of Life

    March 27

    Hidden (Season 2)

    The Italian Job


    Berry Bees (Season 1 – Part 1)


    March 28

    Term Life

    Horrid Henry

    March 29

    The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)


    March 30

    The Guilt Trip

    Suicide Tourist

    The Shiny Shrimps

    March 31

    Press (Season 1)

    After The War

    Weekly episodes throughout March


    Wrong Man

    Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

    Our Cartoon President

    Revolutionary Road

    All American

    Better Call Saul

    Desus & Mero

    RuPaul's Drag Race

    Rupaul's Drag Race: Untucked

    Miracle Workers

    TV and Movies

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