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FYI — The Paralympics Are On And Team Australia Is In The Lead With Six Gold Medals

How bloody good is that?!

While the 2020 Olympic Games were spectacular and filled with memorable moments, the time has come for the Paralympics to take the stage.

A general view of the 'Three Agitos' Paralympic Symbol is seen in front of the Rainbow Bridge at Odaiba Marine Park
Naomi Baker / Getty Images

Now, in case you didn't know, the Paralympics are a major international sporting event held alongside the Olympics for athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Chalermpong Punpoo of Thailand in action during a table tennis practice session ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games
Alex Davidson / Getty Images for International Paralympic Committee

Like the 2020 Olympic Games, the Paralympics will also be held in Tokyo, Japan and will run from August 24 2021 to September 5 2021.

Performers and delegations take part in the opening ceremony for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo
Charly Triballeau / AFP via Getty Images

Team Australia have already had an immensely strong start, winning six gold medals just two days after the Opening Ceremony.

Natalie Alexander of Team Australia during the Wheelchair Basketball Women's preliminary round group A match between team Germany and team Australia
Alex Pantling / Getty Images

If that's not already great news, Australia has won 10 medals in total. So, how does that compare to the other countries that are competing?

Emily Petricola (L) and Paige Greco (R) holding up their gold medals
Kiyoshi Ota / Getty Images

Well, with the six gold, we've launched ourselves into first place, ahead of China and the ROC. And how bloody good is that?!

Google / Via

Even if we compare countries based on their total medal count, Australia still leads in first place. China comes in second, with eight medals in total.

This is an incredible sporting achievement that should be getting as much noise and coverage as we put behind the Olympic Games.

Giphy: The Academy Awards / Via

Let's take a closer look at the paralympians, who have done Australia proud.

1. Paige Greco (cyclist)

Gold medalist Paige Greco of Team Australia poses during the medal ceremony for Track Cycling Women’s C1-3 3000m Individual Pursuit
Kiyoshi Ota / Getty Images

Paige won Australia's first gold medal in the C1-3 3000m individual pursuit. She also beat her own world record!

2. Emily Petricola (cyclist)

Gold medalist Emily Petricola of Team Australia poses during the medal ceremony for Track Cycling Women’s C4 3000m Individual Pursuit
Kiyoshi Ota / Getty Images

Emily won gold in the C1-4 3000m pursuit.

3. William Martin (swimmer)

William Martin of Australia celebrates winning the Men's S9 400m Freestyle
Sam Barnes / Sportsfile via Getty Images

William won the first swimming medal for Australia, with a Paralympics record in the men's 400m freestyle S9.

4. Alexander Tuckfield (swimmer)

Naomi Baker / Getty Images

Alex won a bronze medal in the men's 400m freestyle S9.

5. Lakeisha Patterson (swimmer)

Adam Pretty / Getty Images

Lakeisha won gold women’s 400m freestyle S9 event.

6. Rowan Crothers (swimmer)

Rowan Crothers of Team Australia reacts following his Men's 50m Freestyle - S10 final
Naomi Baker / Getty Images

Rowan won gold in the men’s 50m freestyle S10.

7. Ben Popham (swimmer)

Ben Popham of Team Australia celebrates winning gold in the men’s 100m Freestyle - S8 final
Naomi Baker / Getty Images

Ben won gold in the men’s 100m freestyle S8.

8. Paige Leonhardt (swimmer)

Paige Leonhardt and Ruby Storm of Team Australia celebrate after winning gold and bronze
Photo by Adam Pretty / Getty Images

Paige won silver in the women’s 100m butterfly S14.

9. Ruby Storm (swimmer)

Russian Paralympic Committee's Valeriia Shabalina (centre) with the gold medal, Australia's Paige Leonhardt (left) with the silver medal and Australia's Ruby Storm with the bronze medal after the Women's 100m Butterfly - S14 Final
John Walton - Pa Images / PA Images via Getty Images

Ruby won bronze in the women’s 100m butterfly S14.

10. Benjamin Hance (swimmer)

Naomi Baker / Getty Images

Ben claimed bronze in the men’s 100m butterfly S14.

Shoutout to all the paralympians who are competing for Australia! There's still a bunch of events to go, so here's hoping for more gold.

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