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5 Mar 2018

Only A True Australian Will Be Able To Score 17/19 On This "The Castle" Quiz

How's the serenity after taking this quiz?

Village Roadshow
  1. Which of these is the opening scene?

  2. Where do the Kerrigans live?

  3. And what do they live next to?

  4. What are the names of the Kerrigans' children?

  5. Where did Darryl and Sal meet?

  6. Where does Darryl keep his most prized possessions?

  7. Which of these is not one of the Kerrigans' neighbours?

  8. What did Tracey study at Sunshine State Tafe?

  9. Where is the family's holiday home located?

    Via Village Roadshow
  10. What "lucky" present did Con and Tracey bring back for Wayne?

  11. What's one thing Darryl loves more than the serenity?

  12. The greyhounds name's are Banshee, Trailblazer, Coco, and...

    Via Village Roadshow
  13. According to Darryl, fishing is 10% brains, 95% muscle, and the rest is...

  14. Why is the Kerrigans' home being acquired?

  15. In Dennis Denuto's office, what equipment is he seen to have problems with?

  16. What law does Darryl base his argument on at the Administrative Appeals Tribune?

  17. How do Darryl and Steve pass on a message of their own to the airport company?

  18. Who's this guy?

    Village Roadshow
  19. And what English saying is this movie based on?

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