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It's Been 20 Years Since "The Saddle Club" β€” Here's What The Cast Looks Like Now

Hello world, The Saddle Club cast are THRIVING.


While there were plenty of iconic Australian kids' shows, few have remained as impactful and relevant as The Saddle Club. We all remember singing the catchy theme song, we all had a crush on Max and we all have nurtured our sweet, nostalgic memories of this wholesome series that we grew up with.

So, in honour of the show turning 20 (yes, it's been two whole decades since it first aired!), here's what the cast look like now.

Sophie Bennett as Stevie Lake

ABC, @sophiemaude / Via

Who they played: Back in the day, Sophie played Stevie, who was part of the original Saddle Club trio. Her character was known for being a mischievous tomboy β€” and personally, I will forever associate these bangs and blue denim jackets with Stevie.

What they're doing now: Today, Sophie works as a director and producer in Canada. She even has her own YouTube channel, where she posts fashion and beauty content!

Lara Jean Marshall as Lisa Atwood

ABC, @larajean_marshall / Via

Who they played: Like Sophie, Lara Jean was part of the Saddle Club three. She played straight-A student, Lisa β€” who was the oldest, but newest to riding in the series.

What they're doing now: BuzzFeed actually caught up with Lara Jean recently β€” and as the person who interviewed her, let me just say that she is every bit as lovely and sweet as she looks. In the video, Lara Jean mentioned that she's since moved overseas to L.A. (although since COVID-19 she's returned home to Melbourne) and had scored a comeback role in We Are Tomorrow. Also, if you're interested, we got her to react to iconic The Saddle Club scenes too!

Keenan MacWilliam as Carole Hanson

ABC, @keenanmac / Via

Who they played: The final member of The Saddle Club group, Keenan played Carole. Besides being smart and determined, Carole also had some of the best outfits β€” look at that colour coordination!

What they're doing now: After studying radio and television arts at university, Keenan tried out a bunch of different jobs β€” like graphic designer, art director, producer at (the feminist website launched by Aussie actress, Caitlin Stasey) and creative at VICE β€” which only confirms just how talented she is. Currently, she's freelancing as a director and creative director.

Brett Tucker as Max Regnery

ABC, @bretttucker3 / Via

Who they played: Boy, oh boy β€” Max was the stud of Pine Hollow Stables. He was dreamy, he was caring and he was definitely responsible for the "sexual awakening of a generation".

What they're up to now: Brett has aged like a fine wine and is absolutely thriving. He's had roles in big shows like McLeod's Daughters, Mistresses, The Americans, Station 19 and Grey's Anatomy. He has also moved to L.A.!

Heli Simpson as Veronica diAngelo

ABC, @helisimpson / Via Twitter: @helisimpson

Who they played: Heli played Veronica, the rich and bossy character that had a bone to pick with each and everyone of the main Saddle Club girls. She caused a whole lot of trouble, but was iconic in her own way.

What they're doing now: In a complete change of career, Heli studied medicine at university and became a doctor. She's currently working as an Emergency Department Registar for Austin Health and is most likely doing some incredible work. Oh, and she's also part of a comedy group called Boss Octopus!

Kia Luby as Kristi Cavanaugh

ABC, @kialubyofficial / Via

Who they played: Kristi, who was played by Kia, was Veronica's best friend and the stable flirt.

What they're doing now: Kia returned for Season 3 of The Saddle Club, which premiered five years after the previous season. But, instead of being in front of the camera, this time she worked behind the scenes, helping to direct and produce. She's also released some songs with co-star Sophie Bennett, as part of their music group "Sophie & Kia".

Glenn Meldrum as Phil Marsten

ABC, @glenn.meldrum / Via

Who they played: Phil was a member of Pine Hollow's rival pony club, Cross Country Pony Club. He was also Stevie's boyfriend.

What they're up to now: Glenn retired from acting, instead choosing to pursue a career in teaching. He switched gears and is now a barristers' clerk.

Janelle Corlass-Brown as Ashley Taylor

Instagram stories / @larajeanmarshall / Via Instagram: @, ABC

Who they played: Ashley β€” who was played by Janelle β€” was one half of the young duo on The Saddle Club alongside Lisa Atwood's little sister, Melanie.

What they're up to now: Like her co-stars, Janelle pivoted away from acting and became a psychologist. She also stays in touch with The Saddle Club cast, judging from this picture of her shared on Lara Jean's Instagram stories!

Nathan Phillips as Red O'Malley (Season 1)

ABC, @zengoat7official / Via

Who they played: Red was the oh-so-adorable stable hand that worked at Pine Hollow. Played by Nathan Phillip in Season 1 of The Saddle Club, everyone β€” and I mean everyone β€” had a crush on him.

What they're up to now: Judging by his Instagram and fishing pics, Nathan is currently living his best life. He's also had a successful career, appearing in big hits like Australian Rules, Wolf Creek, Snakes On A Plane and Halifax: Retribution.

James O'Dea as Red O'Malley (Season 2)


Who they played: James took over the role of Red in Season 2 of The Saddle Club.

What they're up to now: Apart from appearing in a couple episodes of Blue Heelers in 2004, it looks like James has retired from acting and now lives a private life β€” so much so that it's hard to find a current photo of him. Although, this might be him on LinkedIn.

Jessica Jacobs who played Melanie Atwood, Lisa's younger sister, was not included as she sadly died in 2008.

Shoutout to one of the best kids' shows to ever exist β€” nothing can ever top The Saddle Club. πŸ’–


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