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It's Been 20 Years Since "The Saddle Club" — Here's What The Cast Looks Like Now

Hello world, The Saddle Club cast are THRIVING.

Sophie Bennett as Stevie Lake

Lara Jean Marshall as Lisa Atwood

Keenan MacWilliam as Carole Hanson

Brett Tucker as Max Regnery

Heli Simpson as Veronica diAngelo

Kia Luby as Kristi Cavanaugh

Glenn Meldrum as Phil Marsten

Janelle Corlass-Brown as Ashley Taylor

Nathan Phillips as Red O'Malley (Season 1)

James O'Dea as Red O'Malley (Season 2)

Jessica Jacobs who played Melanie Atwood, Lisa's younger sister, was not included as she sadly died in 2008.

Shoutout to one of the best kids' shows to ever exist — nothing can ever top The Saddle Club. 💖