Here's What The Cast Of "Squid Game" Look Like On The Show Vs. IRL

    They can come and slap me anytime, anywhere.

    🚨 Warning: There are some spoilers ahead! 🚨

    Everyone is talking about Squid Game — the South Korean series that only made its debut on Netflix 10 days ago and is already set to become the most-watched show on the streaming platform.

    It's also received praise for its dark, disturbing and addictive storyline, which pits people against one another in a Hunger Games-style survival game to win a huge cash prize.

    Along the way, you become invested in the characters, thanks to the incredible performances from the actors. Immediately after binge-watching the series, I wanted to know more about the cast. So, here are the IRL stories behind your faves in Squid Game.

    1. Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-hun (Player 456)

    2. Park Hae-soo as Cho Sang-woo (Player 218)

    3. Jung Ho-yeon as Kang Sae-byeok (Player 67)

    4. Oh Yeong-su as Oh Il-nam (Player 1)

    5. Heo Sung-tae as Jang Deok-su (Player 101)

    6. Anupam Tripathi as Abdul Ali (Player 199)

    7. Kim Joo-ryoung as Han Mi-nyeo (Player 212)

    8. Wi Ha-joon as Hwang Jun-ho

    9. Gong Yoo as the Squid Game salesman

    10. Lee Byung-hun as The Front Man

    11. Lee Yoo-mi as Ji-yeong (Player 240)

    12. Lee Jung-jun as Guard

    Who was your favourite Squid Game character? Let us know in the comments!