I'm Obsessed With All These Behind-The-Scenes Pictures Shared By My New Favorite People, The Cast Of "Squid Game"

    They are all winners in my heart.

    I assume you're here because you've watched Squid Game, or else why would you care to click?! So that means you know there's not sooo much lovey-dovey stuff in the show. It's more like every man for himself and a die, die, die type of thing.

    But it turns out that in real life, the cast likes each other. And these Instagram posts with behind-the-scenes pics make me feel better because I know that they all still exist in real life and are cute too. See the following:

    Here are Lee Yoo Mi, aka "240," and Jung Ho-Yeon, aka "67," taking selfies.

    Here's Kim Joo Ryung, aka "212," enjoying her bed.

    And here's "212" and "240" looking happy to be there.

    And also "212" and "67" being cute.

    Here's "67," "240," and "212" just hanging out.

    Here are the gals and Anupam Tripathi, aka "199," in a cuddle puddle.

    And "199" with his prized water bottle.

    Here's what playing "red light, green light" looked like while filming.

    Here's Jung Ho Yeon (67) being visited on set by her best friend, Jennie from Blackpink.

    Here's Heo Sung Tae, aka "101," showing off the guys getting ready for tug-of-war and other lil' moments.

    And this is "101" and Park Hae Soo, aka "218," getting a pic together and not trying to kill each other.

    Here's Wi Ha Joon, aka the police man, showing off his face in his red outfit.

    And this is John D. Michaels, one of the VIPs revealing his face, and in the second photo, the other VIP making an appearance in the background.

    Here are all the shoes that were left behind.

    Here are just a bunch more pics that show the cast smiling instead of screaming/crying.

    And here's "199" singing.

    I love them all.