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    21 Websites That All '00s Kids Used To Be Completely Obsessed With

    Anyone else spend their teen years taking quizzes on Quizilla?

    1. Miniclip

    @u/cjthompsonn95 / Via, @StephenBurchell / Via, @MrVerseGaming / Via

    If you're familiar with Miniclip, you'll remember how damn good and addictive it was. You could get lost for hours on this website playing little flash games like On The Run, Dune Buggy, and Raft Wars.

    2. Albino Blacksheep

    Albino Blacksheep / Via, @Kyokoon64 / Via, @SteveIbsen / Via

    Albino Blacksheep was home to all the classic videos from the early internet days. Think back to The Kitty Dance, Numa Numa, Llama Song, Do You Like Waffles?, and It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time. And if you weren't watching those, you were definitely wasting all your free time by playing Musical Lantern.

    3. Newgrounds

    Newgrounds / Via, Newgrounds/DanPaladin, Newgrounds/Dan Paladin / Via

    Newgrounds was pure brilliance. It had everything from flash games that you would spend hours on like Stick RPG, Dad 'n' Me, and Alien Hominid, to funky animations, videos, and art. You could also troll around in the forums, and rate everything with a five-star system. It was pretty neat, plus there was that restricted 18+ section that everyone totally checked out when their parents weren't home.

    4. Addicting Games

    @waterisdark / Via, @xFlashWalktroughsx / Via, @humourcar / Via

    Similar to Miniclip, Addicting Games was filled with random flash games like Escape: The Room and Mini Putt that could entertain you for hours (or at least until your mum told you to get off the computer).

    5. Gaia Online

    Gaia Online / Via,,

    Back in the day, Gaia Online was THE place to hang out on the internet. You could dress up your avatar, shop for things in the marketplace, chat with other people on forums, play games, and explore Gaia's virtual towns. Some golden age memories you might remember: sealed envelopes, holiday events, being tempted to purchase Gaia cash with real life money, monthly collectables, and NPC storylines involving the Von Helson sisters and the Gambinos.

    6. Habbo Hotel

    Habbo / Via,

    The key to having a good time on Habbo Hotel was your timing. Log on too early, and there was no one at the clubs. Log on too late, and you'd be stuck refreshing that page to gain access. Worse still was getting the notification that you had been kicked out. Besides that, you would rack up those credits so you could furnish your place and win furni competitions.

    7. DeviantArt

    DeviantArt / Via

    DeviantArt was and still is the place to be if you're a budding artist. Here you could post your craft, get feedback, and marvel at everyone else's creations. It was also a great place to find a new background for your PC.

    8. RuneScape

    Jagex / Via,

    If you don't remember RuneScape, you're a noob. Nearly every kid spent countless hours after school leveling up their character, farming for gold, smelting minerals to make armour, and exploring the land. Other highlights included being the proud owner of a Santa hat, joining a guild, and accidentally giving away your username and password to some random who promised to help you complete a quest.

    9. Yahooligans!

    Yahoo / Via!.PNG

    If you were a latecomer, you probably called this website Yahoo! Kids instead. It was basically a one-stop-shop with games, forums, and a built-in search engine.

    10. Ask Jeeves

    @u/XBrav / Via

    Before there was Google, there was Ask Jeeves. He would always provide a polite answer, and was the go-to during your IT and science lessons in school.

    11. Neopets

    The Daily Neopets / Via,, Neopets Inc. / Via

    The world of Neopia could basically sum up your entire childhood. From selecting your first starter Neopet, to exploring all the different worlds, it was honestly so much more fun than doing your homework. The Poogle Races and Wheel of Excitement were always a big hit, and you had to remember to collect your daily allowance of omelette from the Tyrannian Plateau.

    12. FunnyJunk

    FunnyJunk / Via,

    Ah, FunnyJunk. Like Albino Blacksheep and Newgrounds, it was filled with hours and hours of hilarious videos and games like Spank That Monkey, End Of Ze World, and Salad Fingers.

    13. My Scene

    My Scene / Via,

    You can blame the My Scene website for getting you hooked to the internet at such a young age. The beauty makeovers were your favourite part, followed by the shopping sprees, and then the online episodes. And if we're being honest, you had a major crush on one, or some, of the My Scene boys.

    14. Star Doll

    Star Doll / Via, Star Doll,

    Star Doll was the shit. You got to dress up celebrities, collect your Star dollars, make friends (who may or may not have tried to hack you), and be a part of the ~Superstar~ membership club. Life was good.

    15. Club Penguin

    Club Penguin / Via, @ClubpenguinC6 / Via

    You weren't cool at school unless you were on Club Penguin. Building your igloo, completing missions, and getting banned for saying a swear word was all part of the fun. Seeing Rockhopper, the infamous pirate penguin, also earned you major bonus points.

    16. Quizilla

    Quizilla / Via

    Quizilla was the pinnacle of quiz-based websites during the early '00s. You took random ones like "Are you a boy or girl?" for laughs, and more serious ones like "Who is your Harry Potter boyfriend?" when you needed some insight. It also got you hooked to fan fiction.

    17. / Via

    Like Quizilla, helped get you addicted to all things fan fiction. You might have even taken a stab at writing some of your own, and learned how to bypass the filters by using the word "lemon" for all of your sexy scenes.

    18. Bebo

    Bebo / Via, Bebo / Via, Bebo

    Before Facebook and Myspace got suuuuper popular, there was Bebo. You would spend hours re-evaluating your top 16, scouring the internet for profile skins, or deciding who to give your "luv" to every week.

    19. Dollz Mania

    Dollzmania / Via, @Helly_kins / Via Twitter: @Helly_kins

    The best part about Dollz Mania was making tiny, little versions of your group of friends in these pixelated doll formats. You would then copy and paste the image into MS Paint, and voila, your creation was complete.

    20. Xanga

    Xanga / Via

    Xanga was the best and only site worth venting all your teenage angst into. If you were handy, you learned HTML and customised your blog with skins, music, and banners.

    21. Weebl's Stuff

    Weebl's Stuff / Via, Weebl's Stuff / Via, Weebl's Stuff / Via

    Although some of the cartoons on Weebl's Stuff were kind of weird, they were also downright hilarious and random. You'll probably remember the more iconic ones like Badger, Badger, Badger, Kenya: Where You Can See Lions, Magical Trevor, and Mr Stabby.