21 Ways To Support, Celebrate And Educate Yourself During NAIDOC Week

    This year's theme is "Get Up! Stand up! Show Up!" — so let's do exactly that!

    In case you didn't know, it's NAIDOC Week, which is held every year to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and continue the momentum for systemic change in systems that oppress them.

    This year's theme — Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! — is driven by a need to move beyond "just acknowledgement, good intentions, empty words and promises, and hollow commitments."

    Instead, it's time to show genuine commitment to getting up, standing up and showing up, in order to support and secure constitutional change, call out racism, work towards treaties and amplify First Nations peoples.

    As acknowledged by the organisers of NAIDOC Week, getting up, standing up and showing up can take many forms. So, inspired by this year's theme, here are just some of the things Australians can do to support and celebrate NAIDOC Week.

    1. First up, if you're located in Sydney, there will be a number of events happening at The Rocks during the week, including the National Indigenous Art Fair; a badge making, boomerang and weaving workshop; and an empowering photo exhibition by Aunty Barbara McGrady, a leading First Nations' photographer.

    2. Plus, Occupation: Native, a film that aims to engage all Aussies in a national conversation about Australian history, will be available through The Rocks website.

    3. But even if you're not in Sydney, there's plenty going on in other states. Check out the NAIDOC website to see what's happening in your local area.

    4. For example, there will be a Smoking Ceremony and traditional land care talk with Noongmar man Phil Walley-Stack in Claremont, Western Australia.

    5. Plus, there's an Aboriginal Art and Dreamtime workshop facilitated by Wardandi Bibbulmun woman Dale Tilbrook.

    6. In Melbourne, you can support some of Victoria's funniest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander comedians through attending the Kungari Comedy show.

    7. For the nature-lovers in Sydney, there will be a special walk taking place in Dharawal National Park, which is the traditional land of the Dharawal or Tharawal Aboriginal People and protects several ancient Aboriginal sites.

    8. If you're not able to physically attend events, there are plenty of virtual ones being hosted, which include talks with First Nations artists, joining Yarning Circles and learning about the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

    9. From Monday, July 4–Friday, July 8, you can tune into Big Mob Brekky, Australia's only all-Indigenous television breakfast program, on NITV.

    10. Also on NITV will be the premiere of Off Country, a documentary series which follows the lives of seven Indigenous students at Geelong Grammar School and gives insight into the experiences involved in being a First Nations child in Australia today.

    11. Plus, don't miss the release of True Colours, a gripping four-part crime drama taking place in the heart of a First Nations community in the Northern Territory.

    12. And keep the TV turned on because right after True Colours will be Living Black, hosted by Karla Grant.

    13. If you're wanting an IRL movie experience, head on over to the Laneway Cinema in Sydney. They'll be hosting a screening of The Final Quarter, a documentary focusing on AFL legend Adam Goodes on July 6.

    14. Over on SBS World Movies, you can watch a curated collection of acclaimed Australian movies telling First Nations stories.

    15. In tribute to this year’s theme — Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up! — NITV is presenting the remastered film of Ningla A-Na, which records the events surrounding the establishment of the Tent Embassy on the lawns of Parliament House.

    16. Plus, there are so many fantastic Australian TV shows and movies that tell the stories of First Nations peoples. Watch and learn from them.

    17. For the foodies, SBS Food will be presenting NAIDOC themed episodes of The Cook Up With Adam Liaw from Monday–Friday at 7pm. Plus, there's Torres Strait At Home, helmed by Torres Strait Islander chef, Nornie Bero, that will be highlighting native ingredients.

    18. If reading is more your speed, NAIDOC Week is the perfect time to read more about Blak voices, educate yourself about racism in Australia and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors.

    19. Audible is also expanding their First Nations content and will be releasing a number of titles on July 5 to celebrate NAIDOC Week.

    20. Listen, follow, support and amplify First Nations peoples and creators.

    21. And lastly, don't let your allyship and momentum for change stop when NAIDOC Week is over.

    Here's the full list of NAIDOC Week events happening around Australia.

    Plus, you can learn more about this year's theme and the origins of NAIDOC Week on the same website.