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    17 Books To Read If You Want To Support Blak Voices

    For both education and understanding.

    This list is a mixture of fiction and non-fiction books by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors and it is, by no-means, exhaustive. But, if you've been wanting to read more Blak voices and educate yourself on racism in Australia, these may help you get started.

    1. The Yield by Tara June Winch

    Book cover featuring flying birds and the 2020 Stella Prize shortlist sticker

    2. Jandamarra and the Bunuba Resistance by Banjo Woorunmurra and Howard Pedersen

    3. Growing up Aboriginal in Australia edited by Dr Anita Heiss

    4. Finding Eliza: Power and Colonial Storytelling by Larissa Behrendt

    5. After Australia edited by Michael Mohammed Ahmad

    Book cover cartoon family on the side with their faces scratched out

    6. A Rightful Place: A Road Map to Recognition edited by Shireen Morris

    Book cover

    7. Too Much Lip by Melissa Lucashenko

    Book cover featuring small cartoon shark and "Miles Franklin Literary Award Winner 2019" sticker.

    8. Fight for Liberty and Freedom by John Maynard

    Book cover with Aboriginal Flag depicted waving in the top half

    9. Catching Teller Crow by Ambelin and Ezekiwl Kwaymullina

    Book cover, drawing of a crow sitting on a wooden fence

    10. I'm the One That Knows This Country by Jessie Lennon

    11. Terra Nullius by Claire G Coleman

    12. Finding the Heart of the Nation by Thomas Mayor

    13. Am I Black Enough For You? by Anita Heiss

    14. Because A White Man'll Never Do It by Kevin Gilbert

    Book cover, hand holding sign "The only answer is to give them back their Land Rights and let the Aborigine try and rectify what the white man has done because a a white man'll never do it."

    15. Blakwork by Alison Whittaker

    16. Does The Media Fail Aboriginal Political Aspirations? by Amy Thomas, Andrew Jakubowicz and Heidi Norman

    Book cover, two children standing in front of a fence

    17. And finally, Home by Larissa Behrendt

    If you're wanting to expand your knowledge on racism further this essential reading guide for fighting racism post from the USA, gives a great list of books that you can read to broaden your views, combat your inner racism and help you better understand the inherent and systemic racism found all around the world.

    Or, if you're wanting a more exhaustive list on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors and their books, check out this one the website called Creative Sprits.