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24 Pixar Scenes From The Past Decade That Made Everyone, Yes Even The Adults, Sob

Excuse me while I go ugly cry in the corner.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favourite moment from a Pixar film released in the 2010s. Here are the emotional and beautiful answers.


Disney / Pixar

1. Every single moment from Inside Out.

Disney / Pixar

I watched Inside Out while I was eight months pregnant with my first kid. Plus, like Riley, I grew up in Minnesota and now live someplace completely different. The whole thing spoke to me on such a deep level. From watching Riley's first moments in the world, to the pains of change and growing up (which we're all still doing) and being reminded that it's okay to be sad. I was a MESS the entire film.


2. Including, when Riley breaks down and confesses how lost and confused she was after the move.

Disney / Pixar

That bit gets me every time! It reminds me about how I often felt — and sometimes still do feel — like an outsider when I was 12/13. I can't help but sob at how raw and real that moment is.


3. And when Bing Bong tragically sacrificed himself.

Disney / Pixar

I weeped when Bing Bong sacrificed himself in Inside Out. Not cried, WEEPED. My neighbours probably thought my parents had died or something, I was in that much of a state. Oh, and I'm 21 for Christ's sake.



Disney / Pixar

4. When Arlo said goodbye to Spot.

Disney / Pixar

I don't normally cry while watching films but watching Arlo say goodbye to Spot made me bawl my eyes out.


5. And came back to his family in the end.

Disney / Pixar

Oh boy, I'm going to start crying again.


COCO (2017)

Disney / Pixar

6. When everything in Coco spoke to this person's, as well as many others', identity and culture.

Disney / Pixar

Honestly, all of Coco. It was just so...nice, I guess, to see my culture accurately represented. While I was watching, a wave of childhood memories came flooding and I couldn't contain myself. At times, it felt like I was even reliving some of those memories.


7. When Miguel sang "Proud Corazon" and Hector was able to cross the bridge with his family.

Disney / Pixar

Just seeing him hug Coco like he always wanted to and the relief in his face when he was finally able to step on the bridge is amazing and completes the film.

—Kiara Clinton, Facebook

8. When there were flashbacks of Hector and little Coco singing "Remember Me".

Disney / Pixar

I cried through most of Coco, but I started sobbing and ugly crying from when Hector has the flashback of him and little Coco singing “Remember Me” at the very end.


9. And, of course, when Miguel sang to Mama Coco and tried to get her to remember her father.

Disney / Pixar

My grandmother passed away from Alzheimer's and the whole movie just brought back all the feels.

In my huge Cuban-Puerto Rican family, memories and family relationships are extremely important, so it was really hard to see my grandmother slowly forget all the people she loved and cared for so fiercely. And like in the movie, all my loved ones who have passed away are constantly remembered and honoured.


10. FINDING DORY (2016)

Disney / Pixar

11. When Dory was finally reunited with her parents.

Pixar / Disney

This part ALWAYS gets me.


BRAVE (2012)

Disney / Pixar

12. When everything in Brave made this person realise the importance of family.

Disney / Pixar

I'm the daughter of a single mother and watching Brave made me realise that one wrong move could ruin our relationship. It made me break down crying and I had to run to her room and give her a hug.


13. When Merida competes for her own hand in marriage.

Disney / Pixar

My favourite moment was when Merida announces that she's going to be shooting for own hand in marriage. Then, right as her mum tells her to stop, you see Merida land her arrows directly in the centre. To me, that just shows how dedicated Merida is and how she was willing to take control of her own fate when she felt like she had no control over her life.


14. And becomes an important role model for young girls.

Disney / Pixar

I first saw Brave when I was around 11 or 12 years old and cried almost the whole way through. I was so sad that Merida lived in a world where she had to get married because she wasn't enough without a man. Guess I was pretty insightful at that age!


15. When Merida and Queen Elinor sang "Noble Maiden Fair".

Disney / Pixar

I cried the most in Brave when Merida is singing with her mother when she's little. It reminded me of how close I used to be with my mum, and it's just a good moment to make people step back and remember how much their loved ones mean to them.


16. TOY STORY 3 (2010)

Disney / Pixar

17. When all the toys hold hands just before they're about to fall into the incinerator.

Disney / Pixar

That scene had me BAWLING, especially since it looked like they had given up and accepted their fate. Oh great, now I'm crying again.


18. When Andy gave Bonnie all his childhood toys.

Disney / Pixar

I was born six months before Toy Story came out and when Toy Story 3 came out, I was starting to look at what programs and universities I was going to be applying to. So when I saw Andy leaving after giving Bonnie his toys, it felt like a full circle moment. It was like we were growing up together and that's why it is, hands down, the best scene.


19. And when the entire storyline mirrored this person's childhood experiences.

Disney / Pixar

I had just finished my freshmen year of college when I took my 9-year-old niece to see it and ended up crying like a baby. I was five when the first movie came out, so seeing Andy drive away from his toys solidified that my childhood was over.


BAO (2018)

Disney / Pixar

20. When the mother character eats the steamed bun.

Disney / Pixar

I cried through that one. I was like, I need to call my mother and thank and apologise to her.

Natalia Krslovic

21. TOY STORY 4 (2019)

Disney / Pixar

22. When Buzz said goodbye to Woody.

Disney / Pixar

It has to be Toy Story 4 when Buzz said to Woody, "she will be fine", knowing full well he meant Bonnie would be okay. And I knew it was coming, but I actually cried for a full two hours after. I was so thankful that they had given Woody his film and the ending he deserved because he had looked after everyone for so long. It was his time to be happy and a beautiful ending for my favourite story.


23. And left him with some emotional parting words.

Disney / Pixar

At the very, very end when Woody and Buzz part ways and the movie ends saying "To infinity and beyond!". I bawled my eyes out.


LAVA (2014)

Disney / Pixar

24. And lastly, everything about the short but powerful Lava.

Disney / Pixar

It was at the beginning of a really funny movie, but I remember crying right through the whole thing. If you haven't seen it, it's about an above water volcano falling in love with an underwater volcano, all while singing a parody of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow". It tears me up every time I rewatch it.


Missed your favourite Pixar moment from the past 10 years? Add it in the comments below!

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