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Aussie Swimmer Kaylee McKeown Just Dropped An F-Bomb After Winning Gold And Breaking An Olympic Record

Name a better way to celebrate winning at the Olympics — I'll wait.

Yesterday, Australia revelled in both swimming and meme glory after Ariarne Titmus won gold at the Tokyo Olympics — and also went viral for her coach's reaction.

Today, it continues, with Kaylee McKeown claiming not only another gold medal, but breaking an Olympic record.

The Aussie swimmer won the 100 metres backstroke final with time of 57.47 seconds, beating Canada's Kylie Masse by only 0.02 of a second.

Kaylee McKeown swimming during her event

That's not where the fun stops though, because Kaylee has blessed us with another meme-worthy moment during her post-match interview.

Kaylee McKeown posing with her gold medal during the victory ceremony

What happened? Well, she dropped a word that should not be said on live television — the f-bomb, otherwise known as fuck — which really is just about the most Australian thing she could have done.

⚠️ Viewer discretion advised ⚠️ It's fair to say Kaylee McKeown is pumped to be an Olympic gold medallist 🥇😅 #7Olympics | #Tokyo2020 | #Swimming

This was in response to Channel 7 asking what Kaylee would like to say to her mum and sister watching at home. Kaylee's response: Fuck, yeah.

Kaylee McKeown holding her hand over her mask after dropping the f-bomb

What's even more hilarious is that Kaylee realised her mistake immediately and then went on to say "Oh, shit!", before saying "Wooo!" and doing shakas with her hands.

Kaylee waving her hands around and doing shakas

People from around the world are laughing with Kaylee, saying that it's honestly the most appropriate and best way to celebrate such an amazing moment for the 20-year-old.

Can we all agree dropping the F-Bomb is the most Australian thing imaginable and should be an acceptable part of language in any context? Kaylee McKeown's celebration was spot on!

Twitter: @KyleR_IG

Did Kaylee just drop a Emily Seebohm or was it a F-bomb 😂😂

Twitter: @ChuckBerry1969

I contend that the best bit of this clip is not the f-bomb but the double shaka afterwards.

Twitter: @s_mitchell

Johanna Griggs' just won the Olympic Games. "It's the first time we've had a Seebohm and an f-bomb in the same race." Superb. And what is it with Aussie's swim team and viral moments?

Twitter: @toneharper

Kaylee McKeown dropping the f-bomb on national tele post winning gold at it’s not even lunchtime. I love the Olympics. #Tokyo2020

Twitter: @CDurkinFOX

Congratulations to Kaylee on both her win and now-iconic celebration. Best of luck to the rest of the athletes competing!