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Shoutout To Ariarne Titmus Who Just Won Gold At The Tokyo Olympics And Smashed Her American Rival

Titmus was pitted against US swimmer Katie Ledecky, but was the one who landed in first place.

The Tokyo Olympic Games are here — and if you're anything like me, you're currently watching it in the background while attempting to do work.

A beach volleyball match during the Tokyo Olympics

Australia has hit the ground running, claiming its second gold medal in a sport we tend to excel at — the swimming.

The Australian athletes who won gold in the women's 4 x 100 m freestyle relay

The one to grab our second medal of the Olympics? Ariarne Titmus.

Ariarne Titmus holding her hand up in celebrating after her match

Competing in the women's 400 metres final, she had a strong start to the race — which had pitted her against US swimmer Katie Ledecky.

The swimmers competing during the 400 metres final

Ledecky had the lead for the first two laps, but Titmus ultimately drove it home to claim gold for Australia.

Ariarne Titmus holding her hand up in celebration after her match

It was a thrilling performance and I think I can speak on behalf of Australia when I say that a lot of us were holding our breath.

THE WAY I DID NOT BREATHE DURING THIS ENTIRE RACE!!!! what a moment for ariarne titmus #Swimming #Tokyo2020

Seven Network / Twitter: @Isha_Bassi

Ledecky and Titmus spent the whole damn race like this, that was nuts

Seven Network / Twitter: @rodger

Check my blood pressure!!!!! That was sensational!!!!! Ariarne Titmus, you are incredible!!!! #Tokyo2020

Twitter: @kurtfearnley

Does watching an exhilarating race while sitting on the couch in trackydacks count as cardio?

Twitter: @HannahD15

Plus, it did feel good to beat the US at something — who have already got 11 medals to their name.

Watching American Twitter melt down over Ariarne Titmus beating Katie Ledecky will be *chef’s kiss* #AUS #Tokyo2020 #TokyoOlympics

But don't worry — there was no hard feelings between Australia and the US, or Titmus and Ledecky.

Oh, and take a look at this reaction from Titmus' coach, which is really just one big mood.

Ariarne Titmus' coach seemed to enjoy her winning a gold medal in the women's 400m free 😅 (via @NBCOlympics)

Twitter: @espn

I can smell a new meme in the making.

What a moment! Congratulations to Ariarne for doing Australia proud.