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    Jeffree Star Has Dropped His Video Response To The James Charles Drama. We Broke It Down For You

    Another day, another update in the James Charles-Tati Westbrook scandal.

    Hello and welcome to the never-ending saga of the James Charles and Tati Westbrook drama.

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    YES, it's still going on and YES, I'm still invested in it.

    If you know what's up, you're probably well aware of the latest update: James Charles' 41-minute video filled with a long list of screenshots and receipts that seemingly contradict Tati's original video.

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    If you're not bothered to watch the whole thing, here's a great breakdown.

    James also addressed a number of other things, including a bunch of now-deleted tweets by Jeffree Star that attacked James' brother, Ian Jeffrey, and that called him a "danger to society".

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    There's a LOT to unpack here but James basically debunked the majority of Jeffree's tweets. For example Ian's tweet was never in retaliation to James' scandal and was instead related to a personal issue.

    And in response to all of this scalding hot tea from James, Jeffree threatened to expose him and his "mass manipulation".


    WELL, Jeffree Star has dropped this highly anticipated video and it's probably not what anyone following this scandal was expecting.

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    For starters, Jeffree acknowledges that he is "not going to come for James" and give the world what it wants by fuelling this drama even further.

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    While Jeffree promised "receipts" in his tweet, he says that he posted that while he was in a dark place after seeing James' video.

    He also admits that he inserted himself publicly into a situation when he shouldn't have, resulting in the brutal tweets and vicious text messages exchanged between the two.

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    In regards to the relationship between the two beauty gurus, Jeffree says he does not hate James and has now realised that he should have been a better friend and handled this whole situation differently.

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    This includes being mature enough to talk to James privately and express his feelings.

    Jeffree then apologises to Ian, James and his audience, and promises to not talk about this online anymore and to deal with it privately.

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    Phew! And that's all the tea for today, folks.

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