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    Literally Just 19 TikToks That Only Australians Will Find Funny

    Why did the teachers at school camp make the Milo SO watery???

    1. This nostalgic reminder of what Australians used to hear on their daily commutes:

    Not gonna lie, I kind of miss it.

    2. This canteen lady point of view that immediately triggered my fight or flight response:

    No, but why were some of the canteen servers so RUDE?!

    3. And this one, which pays tribute to the entire canteen experience:

    Meat pie and choccy milk for lunch? 10/10.

    4. This extremely accurate representation of "Australian ice cream":

    Name a better combination.

    5. This green screen perfection that references one of the most iconic moments from the Tokyo Olympics:

    I'm still laughing at how perfectly the sound used fits.

    6. This childhood reminder of what the food was like at school camps:

    Let's not forget about the watered-down cordial. 😭

    7. This iconic kids' show theme song, which unlocked memories I had forgotten about:

    Ruby Gloom was the bomb.

    8. This beautiful representation of Australian culture:

    Fucking sick cunt indeed.

    9. This hilarious reference to Puberty Blues, one of Australia's best shows:

    Okay, but Puberty Blues was such a cultural moment for young Aussies.

    10. And don't forget about the all-important vaso:

    Someone's gotta be the one to ask: "ANYBODY GOT ANY VASO?"

    11. This recreation of every Australian's childhood:


    12. This simple and easy way to tell people that you're in Australia:


    Tell me you’re in Australia without telling me you’re in Australia …. Stitch me. #australia #strayamate #straya #stitchthis

    ♬ original sound - Rhiannon Parr

    Simple, but effective. We love to see it.

    13. This frightening and realistic TikTok about life in Australia:

    I'm so glad this has never happened to me. *Touches wood.*

    14. This hilarious summary of Australian boys:


    15. This bang on explainer about school house colours:

    Can confirm I was blue and our house cheers were the best.

    16. This sweet reminder about our childhood years that makes me feel both happy and sad:

    No, but why did this make me tear up for a second? RIP ABC3.

    17. This relatable experience that every single Aussie has gone through at least once:

    I know this song is by Flight Facilities, but I now only associate it with that Telstra ad.

    18. This first-world problem concerning NSW's Dine and Discover vouchers:

    The fact that I haven't used my Discover vouchers and they're about to expire yet again.

    19. And lastly, this brilliant POV of a Kmart door person, which I can't stop laughing at:

    They're always like "All good" before you can even dig out your receipt.

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