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    For Everyone Who Loved "FernGully: The Last Rainforest" As A Kid

    This is the ultimate throwback.

    While there are many animated movies that had a major impact on our childhood, none taught us more about the environment than FernGully: The Last Rainforest.

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    Released in 1992 β€” which is crazy because I was born in '96 and remember watching this a lot β€” the now nostalgic kids flick focused on a group of fairies and a human being, who banded together to save a rainforest from being destroyed.

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    Sounds familiar, right? To help jog your memory a little more, the main fairy was called Crysta and she was the one who accidentally shrunk Zak β€” a human who was working for a logging company β€” while trying to save his life.

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    Other characters include Batty Koda β€” an often confused, but loveable bat who was experimented on by humans. Oh, and bonus fact: He was voiced by the delightful Robin Williams.

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    Rewatching some of Batty's dialogue as an adult β€” it just hits differently, you know? There's a lot of references to wires and experiments and poor Batty is TERRIFIED of any human he comes across, which means that his experience with them was pretty traumatic.

    There was also Pip, Magi and these weird, little henchmen who flew around on beetles and caused chaos.

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    Now, back to the story. The loggers unwittingly release an evil spirit by chopping down the tree he was imprisoned in.

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    Big dummy energy. If you weren't cutting down trees in the first place, this wouldn't have happened.

    And, of course, the spirit β€” who is called Hexxus β€” begins to regain his powers by feeding on pollutants like oil and smoke.

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    He even performs "Toxic Love", which I thought was terrifying as a kid. But as an adult who has clearly been in self-iso for too long, I am strangely attracted to the greasy, toxic puddle.

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    Look, I'm not the only one. And it's probably only because Tim Curry β€” who voiced Hexxus β€” made this song radiate sexual energy.

    Speaking of songs, this movie is a musical, which I entirely forgot about until now. And I can't believe I did β€” the tunes slap, including Batty's techno number.

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    Now, as Hexxus gets stronger, the rivers become polluted and the trees poisoned β€” which forces Zak to admit that humans are destroying the rainforest.

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    And although the rainforest is damaged in the final battle, the important lesson that FernGully imparts on viewers is learning from your mistakes and experiencing growth and renewal after tragedy.

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    At the end of the movie, Crysta gives Zak a seed to remember their adventures together. When Zak is returned to his human size, he plants the seed in the forest and promises to change things for the better. Later, the seed sprouts new growth, indicating a new beginning for FernGully.

    Which is such a relevant message to remember in light of the bushfires that have devastated Australia and much of its bushland earlier this year.

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    Especially since much of the inspiration behind FernGully's landscapes came from Aussie rainforests.

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    The movie was a joint Australian-American venture and a lot of time was dedicated to studying the beauty of our rainforests. It's also why you can spot a bunch of Aussie animals β€” like cassowaries and kangaroos β€” in the movie.

    Here's to the makers of FernGully: The Last Rainforest, a criminally underrated film that taught us so much about respecting and caring for the environment at a young age. πŸ’š

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    I'm definitely making my kids watch this in the future.

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