The Aquarium Scene From "To All The Boys 2" Just About Broke My Heart — Let's Talk About It

    Netflix, I did not give you permission to break my heart like that.

    Alright, so if you've clicked on this post, I'm gathering that you've already watched the adorably funny To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

    While the movie was filled with so many good moments, the one that really got me emotional was the aquarium scene with Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky.

    Now, if you need a refresher, this is just after Lara Jean breaks up with Peter after finding out that he's been lying to her about, well, a couple of things.

    To make things more difficult, they both have to attend a school field trip to the Portland Aquarium together.

    And after stealing glances at each other for a bit, they finally come together at the jellyfish exhibition.

    For a tiny moment, it seems like they're going to make up...but Lara Jean breaks the silence by offering to give Peter back the locket he gave her for Valentine's Day.

    And let me tell you, as a #Covinsky shipper, my heart just about broke when Peter started to unclasp the locket from Lara Jean's neck.

    You could just tell that both of them wanted to say SO much in the moment.

    And the beautiful lighting of the aquarium only made the emotional punch of them breaking up hit that much harder.

    Unsurprisingly, I wasn't the only one weeping at this heartbreaking scene.

    okay but can we talk about the aquarium scene? like the blue color aesthetic and the music of that scene was just ON POINT, but peter’s face journey through this HEARTBREAK when lara jean has him take the necklace back genuinely ripped my HEART O U T oh my G O D #ToAlltheBoys2

    Me when Peter helped Lara Jean take of the necklace at the aquarium😭 #ToAlltheboys2

    Okay so this movie: • made me happy • made me swoon • made me bawl my eyes out • made me angry • then made me happy again What a rollercoaster... But the aquarium scene....did you have to break my heart like that?!#ToAlltheBoys2

    Yeah a single tear just rolled down my cheek at the aquarium scene from #ToAlltheBoys2

    The perfect thing about the aquarium scene is that LJ only asks if she should give the necklace back to be polite and Peter is so hurt that she would offer he says yes. Neither of them want it to happen but neither speak up And if that isn't true to life #ToAlltheBoys2

    the audacity of this aquarium scene between lara jean and peter turning me into this emoji IRL 🥺🥺🥺 #ToAlltheBoys2

    Oof. That scene in the aquarium in #ToAlltheBoys2 just broke my heart. 😭

    I'm a grown-ass man and yet the aquarium scene where PK removes Lara Jean's necklace cut deep. #ToAllTheBoysPSIStillLoveYou #ToAlltheBoys2

    all of us knowing that Covinsky is endgame but still being hurt after the aquarium scene #ToAllTheBoys2

    Welp, well if you've watched to the end, you'll know that we got a happy ending.