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24 Adult Realisations You've Gone Through If You're In Your 20s

Help me please, I want to be a little kid again.

1. You have to do the whole "we have food at home" talk with yourself.

i think 95% of my financial problems would be solved if i just ate the food i have at home

Even if the "food at home" consists of the saddest meal you have ever made, you MUST show restraint and stop yourself from buying that greasy box of popcorn chicken.

2. You swap out soft drink for water because suddenly you're ~health conscious~.

3. You are constantly tired, no matter how much sleep you get.

Adult life should come with some kind of warning that you’ll be constantly tired.

And you will complain about this to anyone who will listen. Basically, being tired becomes part of your personality.

4. You actually want to spend time with your parents.

5. You have to plan catch ups with your friends months in advance.

Adult friendship = 2 people saying "I haven't seen you in forever! We should really hang out more" over and over again until one of you dies

Or alternatively, tag them in "I miss you" memes until one of you actually makes a solid plan to catch up.

6. You have to learn how to cook three healthy meals a day.

7. You slowly start building up a tupperware collection.

You're not an adult until you have a cabinet full of Tupperware and every time you open it they all spill out and you can never find a matching lid for the one you want to use.

And you will become exactly like your parents and be mindful of who you lent your favourite glass container to.

8. You voluntarily go to sleep at a reasonable time.

9. You have to make your own appointments because no one else is there to do it for you.

10. You make the effort to separate colours correctly when you do laundry.

11. You substitute vodka cruisers for vodka sodas because it has less calories.

12. You learn not to blow your entire pay check on impulsive purchases.

13. You suddenly only have two–three close friends.

14. You can, and do, say no to social activities.

15. You randomly make involuntary grunts when there's movement involved.

16. And you seem to always be on the brink of getting sick.

17. You make more of an attempt to be organised and timely.

18. You want to sleep in on the weekends but your body naturally wakes you up early.

19. You find joy in simple activities, like furniture shopping and cleaning your room.

i'm way too excited for furniture shopping. have i peaked as an adult?

Trust me, there's no better feeling than putting clean sheets on your bed and thoroughly decluttering your room.

20. You start noticing how many of your friends are in relationships and are getting married.

the early 20s are so wild??? half of us are getting engaged/married, moving into their own apartments, and advancing in their careers; and the other half of us are still stuck in college tryna figure out how the world works help

And you'll have to go through the process of wondering what someone wears to an engagement party and how much you need to gift a couple at their wedding because no one taught you these things.

21. You start having to pay ~adult~ fares for things like public transport and movie tickets.

22. You value comfort over fashion.

23. You've accepted the fact that naps are a distant but fun memory.

24. And finally, you still have no idea what you're doing (even though people seem to think you do).