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    This Is What Happened When A Brit And An Aussie Compared Aspects Of Their Culture

    Both countries love Kath & Kim, but only one of us likes to put an "x" in our sentences.

    Hiya! I'm Isha from BuzzFeed Australia and this here is my friend Sam, who works at BuzzFeed UK.

    Left: An image of Isha who has long, dark hair and is wearing butterfly clips; Right: An image of Sam posing against a patterned wall

    As a way to get to know each other better, we thought it could be fun to send each other questions about living in our respective countries. So, that's exactly what we did and here are our answers about Australian and British culture.

    Text saying "questions about British culture" on a colourful background

    1. First off, why do British people always put an "x" at the end each sentence?

    A text conversation between two people; one of them keeps putting an "x" at the end of their sentences

    2. And why does the world "pulp", like in reference to pulp-free juice, just not exist in the UK?

    Two boxes of orange juice; the left one says "smooth orange with no bits" and the right one says "original orange with juicy bits"

    3. Does it really rain all the time? And if so, how do you deal with that? I get sad when it's been raining for a couple of days straight in Australia.

    People in England walking on the sidewalk while it's raining

    4. In fact, is summer even a thing? I’ve heard you guys complain about English heatwaves before, but they seem tepid in comparison to Australian temperatures.

    People relaxing in chairs by the beach while children play in the distance

    5. Why do British people say “WHAAAAAY” when someone trips or drops something? In Australia, we would say “TAXI”, but that’s in reference to calling them a taxi because they’re acting like they’re drunk.

    6. What’s the go with soccer, I mean, uh, football?

    7. Do you all love the Queen?

    Queen Elizabeth smiling

    8. Is Skins a realistic interpretation of what teenage life is like in the UK?

    The cast of the TV show Skins lying in a heap around each other

    9. If I go to England, how likely am I to meet an IRL Hugh Grant-esque poet type?

    10. Do you all have bad teeth and avoid the dentist or is that just another outdated stereotype?

    Austin Powers smiling

    11. Why are British people obsessed with queuing for things?

    People queuing in a line

    12. What’s the deal with saying "sorry" all the time? (Sam, calling you out here — I remember you apologising on our virtual call when we met!)

    13. I, for one, love English accents — but does it ever get annoying hearing the entire world try to imitate one?

    14. Why are you all obsessed with watching other British people buy, sell, build and decorate houses on reality TV shows?

    Two contestants and a host standing in a bedroom that has been decorated on a reality TV show

    15. And finally, how popular is Nando’s in the UK? We all know you love having a cheeky Nando’s, but is it the go-to place to get food?

    Text saying "questions about British culture" on a colourful background

    16. Are there huge spiders waiting around every corner for you when you live in Oz? Because I CANNOT.

    A large huntsman spider on a wall

    17. And have you ever encountered a venomous snake in the wild? I've heard about snakes coming up through toilets...

    18. Is everyone constantly drinking beer? I have this idea that Ozzy people drink beer like we drink tea.

    Marge Simpson having a conversation with an Australian barkeeper; she keeps trying to order coffee and the barkeeper keeps correcting to say that she wants a beer

    19. Do accents differ around the country, because I really can’t tell but they MUST do, right? I need details on this!

    20. Is everyone really friendly and outgoing? I feel like Australians come off as 24/7 party people but there must be some introverted Australians!

    21. Are Kath and Kim like national heroes? Because I love them so much.

    Kath and Kim

    22. And please tell me Kylie is a big deal to you guys because I adore her too.

    Kyle Minogue posing during a performance

    23. Where do Australians like to go on holiday? You kind of have everything there already — the sun, the beaches.

    Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia

    24. How do certain Australians feel about coming from a former British penal colony? (I feel like I’m really starting something here, but it’s definitely a part of cultural consciousness in the UK!)

    A sign from a January 26 protest in Australia that reads: "Today we mourn the invasion of this country! What are you celebrating?"

    25. Is it cool being so "close" to South East Asia and have you ever travelled there?

    A laneway in Vietnam

    26. How do you guys not riot over your internet? I couldn't put up with it.

    A meme describing how slow, horrible and unreliable the internet in Australia is

    27. Do you all learn to surf in school? Is it like a compulsory class?

    Layne Beachley, an Australian surfer, surfing a wave during a competition

    28. Do you guys have beef with New Zealanders?

    A pavlova — Australians and New Zealanders often argue about where this dessert originated from

    29. If Sydney is your most famous city and Melbourne and Brisbane are big too, why is your capital city Canberra – which is like the Luke Hemsworth of Australian cities?

    Canberra, Australia's capital city

    30. And lastly, why do people in Aus love P!nk so much? I mean, she’s great, but why her?

    Pink smiling

    Still have questions about Australian and British culture? Drop them in the comments below and we'll try to answer them.