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27 Dylan O'Brien Moments From 2021 That Made Everyone Collectively Simp Over Him

Bring on the Dylan O'Brien renaissance, baby!

1. First, when Dylan O'Brien shared this wholesome tidbit about his middle name during an interview, which made me love him even more than I already did.

Netflix Film Club / Via

2. And if you thought that was sweet, here's Dylan hanging out with man's best friend — aka one the dogs who played Boy in Love and Monsters.

@Michael_Matt_ / Via Twitter: @Michael_Matt_

In multiple interviews, Dylan has talked about the bond and connection he formed with Boy, as well as how he much he misses him, while filming Love and Monsters.

3. Plus, here's Dylan's precious reaction to the adorable video shared by director Michael Matthews.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my heart 🥺🐕💕

Twitter: @dylanobrien

4. When Dylan perfectly recreated the Dune posters, cementing his position as the king of Twitter.

Couldn’t be more excited to share this film with you all 🙏🏻 Really proud of this one @dunemovie #Dune2021

Twitter: @dylanobrien

5. Like honestly, his tweets are flat-out hilarious — and if you're not following him, you need to change that ASAP.

Honestly they’ve got nothing on my drunk white uncles

Twitter: @dylanobrien

6. When Dylan showed off his blonde hair while filming Not Okay, which single-handedly sent the internet into a thirsty tailspin.


Reply to @dontfindjoelysaccount u guys asked and we delivered. meet Colin 🥱#foryou #fyp #notokaymovie #notokay

♬ original sound - jules🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

7. And that meant we were blessed with multiple behind-the-scenes pics of Dylan in character.

8. Like no, I'm not okay. Dylan O'Brien has ruined all other men for me and he doesn't know that I exist.

9. When Dylan recreated this iconic scene from Election (starring Reese Witherspoon and Chris Klein) with Sarah Ramos.

Me & @dylanobrien giving Tracy Flick & Paul Metzler in ELECTION @ReeseW @iamchrisklein

Twitter: @sarahramos

10. When the cast of Not Okay were assigned stereotypical friendship roles and Dylan's ended up being "the internet breaker."


Please take your guesses on who is running the #NotOkay TikTok account 🤨🥸🙈 #notokaymovie #zoeydeutch #dylanobrien #movies #filmmakersoftiktok #film

♬ original sound - Rachel Andrew 🌸

11. When Dylan shared the love he has for his mum’s cooking — especially her chicken soup recipe, which he makes while travelling to make him feel like he’s at home.

Michael Tran / FilmMagic

In an interview with Coup De Main Magazine about Love And Monsters, Dylan talked about his character's cooking experience, as well as his own go-to recipes, which have been passed down from his mum, when working or travelling for long periods. Dylan said: "Just to feel like I'm at home, the first thing I'll do is I'll make a soup and then I'll have it in the fridge for the first week that I'm there. I'll make my mum's chicken soup and it's a really nice comforting sort of a feeling."

12. When he got excited about the release date of Love And Monsters on Hulu, which coincided with another special occasion.

On my bday okayyyyyyy 💁🏻‍♂️

Twitter: @dylanobrien

13. Speaking of the birthday boy, here's Dylan looking like an absolute snack while celebrating with Sarah Ramos, Max Minghella and Desus Nice.

@deusnice / Instagram stories

14. Plus, here's Dylan doing a little birthday dance while the cast of Not Okay wishes him.

New 🎥 Dylan O’Brien (@dylanobrien) and Zoey Deutch (@zoeydeutch) celebrating his early 30th birthday behind the scenes on the set of “Not Okay” (@NotOkayFilm) in New York. (August 25th, 2021) 🎥©: madimayg Instagram Stories #NotOkayMovie

Twitter: @onlydylobrien

The serotonin that Dylan's smile gives me is unparalleled. 🥺

15. When Dylan posted this sweet tribute to Teen Wolf — a show where many of us first fell in love with him and his acting — on its 10-year anniversary.

10 years ago today a werewolf show premiered on MTV and succeeded. Go fuckin’ figure. Love ya always Teen Wolf ❤️❤️❤️ #10YearsOfTeenWolf

Twitter: @dylanobrien

Stiles Stilinski will forever have my heart. 💖

16. When Tyler Posey, who played Scott McCall in Teen Wolf, opened up about the bond he shares with Dylan, which started all the way back when they were auditioning for the show.


In an interview with TV Insider, Tyler reflected on Teen Wolf's legacy and why it continues to draw in new fans 10 years after the show premiered. He said: "I think Scott and Stiles [Dylan O'Brien] plays a big part in it because that dude and I are still best friends. I kick it with him all the time. He is the love of my life. And that was since day one, since the day we met in the audition process. It was like we were meant to be or we had met each other in a different life. We were both 18 years old, both wearing skateboard brand t-shirts, and I looked at him and I felt like I knew him. And he felt the same way. That's only gotten stronger over the years. I’m getting emotional, right now! [Laughs] Our relationship has only gotten stronger, the respect and the love. I think that played a big part in why the show is fun to watch because that relationship is the most authentic thing on TV."

17. When Dylan outed himself as a massive Swiftie and praised Taylor for her incredible songwriting abilities.

it's official: @dylanobrien confirmed swiftie + harrie 💖

Twitter: @coupdemain

To be fair, Dylan's always been a Swiftie and a loyal supporter of Taylor. It was just super sweet that he got to talk about his love for Folklore, as well as his favourite Taylor songs, during an interview with Coup De Main Magazine earlier this year. In it, he gushed over "Mirrorball", as well as "My Tears Ricochet", "Mad Woman", "Epiphany" and "The 1". He's also a huge fan of Harry Styles. Somebody has taste!

18. When he starred alongside Sadie Sink (of Stranger Things fame) in All Too Well: The Short Film — which had us all feeling a million and one different emotions.

Taylor Swift

19. When he changed his name on Twitter to "Dylan O'Brien (Taylor's Version)" because he's a supportive bestie and stan like the rest of us.

@dylanobrien / Via Twitter: @dylanobrien

20. When Dylan tried his hand out at viral TikTok dances — and absolutely nailed it.


21. And I couldn't not include this TikTok because Dylan looks so damn happy dancing in it.

22. When Dylan looked incredibly handsome at the premiere of All Too Well (The Short Film).

Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

23. And forever the humble actor, Dylan revealed that he was shocked Taylor even knew who he was — let alone offered him a role for All Too Well (The Short Film).

Extra / Via

Dylan's acting is top-tier — even when he was back on Teen Wolf, he shined and carried the show (remember the Void Stiles storyline?!). 

24. Meanwhile, here's Taylor singing Dylan's praises while on The Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Late Night With Seth Meyers / Via

25. When Dylan guest-starred on the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning comedy series Curb Your Enthusiasm as a more Hollywood version of himself.


26. When Dylan profoundly reflected on his career, film choices and the support circle he's had since being injured on the set of Maze Runner.

20th Century Fox

"I don't have anyone saying, 'We need to get you in an Oscar vehicle', or any of that kind of shit," Dylan said in an interview with NME. 'I'm really lucky to be surrounded by people who think like me: that you should do what you're drawn to and make something out of love.'"

27. And finally, when Dylan posed with his puppy Tony and melted everyone's hearts.

What was your favourite Dylan O'Brien moment of 2021? Let us know in the comments so we can shower him with more praise and love!

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