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    Aussies Are Sharing Which Australian Foods Are Superior To Their American Counterparts And Points Have Been Made

    Australian coffee > Starbucks.

    It's no secret that Australians and Americans have strong opinions about their food culture — especially when it comes to whose is better.


    To help settle this debate, we asked our Facebook group, Sounds About Australia, for their thoughts on Australian and American food.

    While they admitted that our friends in the States have us beat on things like soft drink flavours and candy, there was an overall consensus that these Australian foods are high-key better than their American counterparts:

    1. Coffee

    Flickr: Katherine Lim / Via Flickr: ultrakml

    "I miss coffee back home (I have lived in California for six years). The coffee here sucks!" —Bec Drummond, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: Australian coffee is among the best in the world and it's all thanks to Italian immigrants. During World War II, they brought their coffee machines to Australia and fostered a love for espresso. Compared to the States where their coffee is usually brewed and on the bitter side, Aussie coffee is much smoother, lighter and more caramel. We also opt for milk or milk alternatives, instead of creamer.

    2. Chips

    Flickr: Triggercut / Via Flickr: triggercut

    Suggested by: Isha Bassi, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: Australians add chicken salt to their hot chippies, making them infinitely better than anything you can find in the States. Seriously, if you haven't tried chicken salt, I dare you to buy some and coat your chips with it because it is life-changing.

    3. Fish and chips

    Flickr: variationblogr / Via Flickr: variationblogr

    "I lived in the US for three years and I really missed Australian fish and chips!"—Shumpei Komatsu, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: Fish and chips is synonymous with Australian culture, so it's no surprise that we do it better. The crunchy chips are coated in chicken salt and the fish is either fried up in a batter or grilled and seasoned to perfection. Also, considering Australia's booming seafood industry, I would say that the produce would be on the fresher side too. Plus, there's the side dishes, like potato scallops and dim sims, that make Aussie fish and chips next level.

    4. Bread

    Rene Van Beeten / Getty Images/EyeEm

    Suggested by: Katy Kube, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: Bread in the US has much higher sugar levels than compared to what you find in Australia, Now, I don't know about you guys, but I like to add savoury toppings, like Vegemite, to my bread. So, the sweeter taste would definitely throw it off.

    5. McDonald's

    6. Eggs

    Flickr: Katherine Lim / Via Flickr: ultrakml

    "I dunno what it is, but American eggs are absolute trash. The yolks are light yellow and grossly sweet? Whereas Aussie eggs are richer and taste 1000x better. It's absurd, but I can only eat egg-white omelettes in the States." —Julia Willing, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: Like Julia said, American eggs are often viewed as inferior to the rest of the world because of the way they're processed, which results in that paler yolk colour. That isn't the case with Australian eggs.

    7. Chocolate

    Flickr: Like_The_Grand_Canyon / Via Flickr: like_the_grand_canyon

    "Give me Aussie Cadbury's over this Hershey's crap any day!" —Judy Rodriguez, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: There are actually huge differences between Cadbury's (a British chocolate) and Hershey's (an American chocolate). To make things a bit more complicated, even though Cadbury's is sold in the USA, it's a slightly different ingredient list to one that you would buy in the UK. Generally, British chocolate (which is what you'll get in Australia, too), is smoother, richer and creamier due to a higher fat and cocoa content. American-made chocolate has higher sugar levels, but personally Hershey's always taste on the bitter side and has a "flat" sort of flavour, like it's been left to sit there for awhile. 

    8. Bacon

    9. Hungry Jack's/Burger King

    10. Sausages

    Flickr: Alpha / Via Flickr: avlxyz

    Suggested by: Shane Nathan Kennedy, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: I mean, have you heard of a sausage sizzle? Australians bloody love their snags and we know how to cook 'em to perfection. I'm unsure if sausages enjoy the same amount of fame in the States — but I know they love hot dogs over there, which is vastly inferior to eating a snag placed diagonally in a soft, white piece of bread, topped with onions and sauce.

    11. Cheese

    it’s so funny how americans don’t have proper cheese lmao. Like what is this. Are you ok

    "OMG their cheese is rank." —Katie Burns, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: For one, Australia doesn't have processed cheese that is a violent shade of neon yellow. I mean, we do have packaged cheese slices that we call "plastic cheese", but it's not as much as a thing as it is in the US.

    12. Restaurant/cafe culture

    13. Jam

    Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz / Getty Images/EyeEm

    "Jams are better because we don't use corn syrup and you can actually taste the fruit." —Adrian Daryl Dixon, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: Basically, what Adrian said. Also, this goes back into Australia generally having more access to fresh produce, even for our processed stuff.

    14. Meat pies

    Flickr: Mr & Mrs Stickyfingers / Via Flickr: stickypix

    Suggested by: Sammy Wilkinson, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: Meat pies are a distinctively Australian food, but they often get compared to pot pies and Hot Pockets in the States, which just aren't the same. Meat pies have that thick gravy and beautiful, flaky pastry. Combine it with some tomato sauce (aka ketchup) on top and you've got one of the most delicious meals known to an Aussie.

    15. And finally, Tim Tams

    Flickr: Andy Melton / Via Flickr: trekkyandy

    Suggested by: Claudia Laphos, Facebook

    Why it's better than its American counterpart: Tim Tams blow all other chocolate biscuits out of the water. I mean, come on — have you TRIED them?! They're the perfect combination of biscuit, cream filling and chocolate. Plus, they're even better when you do a Tim Tam slam with them.

    What other Australian foods do you consider to be superior to their American counterparts? Drop them in the comments below!