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It's Been 11 Years Since "Veronica Mars" Ended, So Here's What The Cast Looks Like Now

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1. Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars)

The CW, Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

Since receiving critical acclaim for her first major role in Veronica Mars, Bell has become a household name. In 2008 she had her breakout film role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and has since starred in a number of movies including the Veronica Mars movie, Couples Retreat, Bad Moms, Frozen, and The Disaster Artist. She also provided the voice of the narrator in Gossip Girl and is currently starring in The Good Place.

2. Percy Daggs III (Wallace Fennel)

The CW, Michael Buckner / Getty Images

Dagg's acting career slowed after Veronica Mars wrapped up in 2007. His most notable roles since then have been guest appearances on shows like In Plain Sight, Raising the Bar, and iZombie, as well as being involved in a web series called The New Adventures of Peter and Wendy. Like his co-stars, he chose to reprise the character of Wallace Fennel for the Veronica Mars movie and Play It Again, Dick.

3. Francis Capra (Eli "Weevil" Navarro)

The CW, Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Once Veronica Mars finished, Capra continued his acting career with notable roles in Heroes and The Strain. He also played Weevil in the Veronica Mars movie and Play It Again, Dick.

4. Amanda Seyfried (Lilly Kane)

The CW, Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

Besides the continuation of her character on Big Love, Seyfried moved towards more film-based roles after her departure from Veronica Mars. You've probably spotted her in Jennifer's Body, Dear John, Red Riding Hood, In Time, Mamma Mia!, Les Misérables, and a bunch of other roles.

5. Enrico Colantoni (Keith Mars)

Patrick Ecclesine / DVDbash, Showcase / Via Twitter: @ricocolantoni

Post-Veronica Mars, Colantoni continued to have considerable success with leading roles in Flashpoint, Remedy, Person of Interest, Carmilla, and Travellers. He was also in the movie adaption of Veronica Mars as well as Play It Again, Dick.

6. Corinne Bohrer (Lianne Mars)

The CW, @corrinebohrer / Via

Bohrer's last acting role after Veronica Mars was in 2015, playing Lydia Maker in the TV series Murder in the First.

7. Teddy Dunn (Duncan Kane)

The CW, Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Following his departure from the show, Dunn went on to appear in Jumper, Kill Theory, and A Good Funeral. He's since disappeared from the spotlight and is said to be working as an associate at a New York City Law firm.

P.S. The most recent photo I could find of Dunn is from 2008.

8. Lisa Thornhill (Celeste Kane)


Thornhill's biggest role post-Veronica Mars was actually appearing in its movie adaptation and Play It Again, Dick. Besides that, she's had small roles in Bones, Shark, Weeds, and Major Crimes.

P.S. Like Dunn, the most recent photo I could find of Thornhill is from 2006 because apparently she does not exist on the internet anymore.

9. Kyle Secor (Jake Kane)

The CW, @kisecor / Via Twitter: @kisecor

After playing the manipulative Jake Kane, Secor went on to appear in Hidden Palms, Women's Murder Club, The Gates, Resurrection, and Confess.

10. Jason Dohring (Logan Echolls)

The CW, Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Since finishing up with Veronica Mars, Dohring had continued success with roles in Moonlight, Ringer, The Originals, and iZombie. He also reprised his character, Logan Echolls, in the Veronica Mars movie and Play It Again, Dick, and is set to star in Cleveland in 2018.

11. Alyson Hannigan (Trina Echolls)

The CW, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Hannigan's next big role after Veronica Mars was as Lily Aldrin in How I Met Your Mother. She also appeared in a slew of movies including American Reunion, Love, Wedding, Marriage, and Date Movie.

12. Harry Hamlin (Aaron Echolls)

The CW, Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

Post-Veronica Mars, Hamlin went on to star in Army Wives, Shameless, Mad Men, Rush, Glee, and Graves. Oh, and the best thing is he's still married to Lisa Rinna, who played his on-screen wife Lynn Echolls.

13. Lisa Rinna (Lynn Echolls)

The CW, Rich Fury / Getty Images

Since departing the show after her character's death, Rinna most notably returned to Days of Our Lives. She's also appeared on The Celebrity Apprentice and is a main cast member on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

14. Ryan Hansen (Dick Casablancas)

The CW, Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

Since starring as Dick Casablancas, Hansen has had a variety of roles over the years. Most notably, he has starred in Party Down, Friday the 13th, 2 Broke Girls, Burning Love, and a comedy series called Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes On Television. Hansen also returned to his Veronica Mars character for the movie adaptation and Play It Again, Dick.

15. Kyle Gallner (Cassidy "Beaver" Casablancas)

The CW, @kylegface / Via

Once Veronica Mars finished, Gallner continued his acting career in both film and television. He found success with roles in Big Love, Smallville, CSI: NY, and Outsiders, while in Hollywood he became well-known for his appearances in The Haunting in Connecticut, Jennifer's Body, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. And of course, like many of his co-stars, he returned to the role of Cassidy Casablancas for Play It Again, Dick.

16. Charisma Carpenter (Kendall Casablancas)

The CW, Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

Following her departure from Veronica Mars, Carpenter has starred in The Expendables film series, as well as Greek and The Lying Game.

17. Michael Muhney (Sheriff Don Lamb)

The CW, Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Post-Veronica Mars, Muhney's next big role was playing Adam Newman in The Young and the Restless. He also had a couple of guest appearances in Numb3rs, CSI: Miami, and The Good Doctor.

18. Tina Majorino (Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie)

The CW, Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

After playing the tech-savvy Mac, Majorino's next big role was The Deep End. She found further success starring in the Napoleon Dynamite TV series, Bones, True Blood, Grey's Anatomy, Legends, and of course, the Veronica Mars movie. She currently appears as Florence in Scorpion.

19. Daran Norris (Cliff McCormack)

The CW, @golfstoomuch / Via Twitter: @golfstoomuch

Following on from his role as Cliff McCormack, Norris has been in just about everything. There's too much to list, but you might have spotted him in Big Time Rush, iZombie, the Veronica Mars movie, or Play It Again, Dick. He's also lent his voice to an impressive number of video games and cartoons such as The Spectacular Spider-Man, The Replacements, Iron Man, American Dad!, the reboot of Samurai Jack, and The Fairly OddParents.

20. Chris Lowell (Stosh "Piz" Piznarski)

The CW, Monica Schipper/ Stringer

Since appearing on Veronica Mars, Lowell has since had success with roles in Private Practice, Enlisted, GLOW, Graves, and The Help. He also returned to the role of Piz for the Veronica Mars movie and Play It Again, Dick.

21. Tessa Thompson (Jackie Cook)

The CW, Ethan Miller / Getty Images

After playing Wallace's love interest, Thompson went on to have considerable success in both film and television. Most notably, you'll have seen her in Hidden Palms, Copper, For Coloured Girls, Selma, Creed, and Thor: Ragnarok, but she's also been in a bunch of other projects too.

22. Alona Tal (Meg Manning)

The CW, Charley Gallay / Getty Images

Following her character's sudden death, Tal continued to have success in Cane, Burn Notice, Hostages, and Hand of God. She also returned to Supernatural to reprise the role of Jo Harvelle.

23. Max Greenfield (Leo D'Amato)

The CW, Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

After his success playing Leo on Veronica Mars, Greenfield had a slew of smash-hit roles in Greek, Ugly Betty, Raising the Bar, and New Girl. He also returned for the Veronica Mars movie, and is set to star in the latest series of American Crime Story.

24. Julie Gonzalo (Parker Lee)

The CW, Jason Kempin / Getty Images

Once Veronica Mars finished, Gonzalo went on to have leading and supporting roles in Eli Stone, Dallas, Falling for Vermont, Waffle Street, and Pumpkin Pie Wars.

25. Ken Marino (Vinnie Van Lowe)

The CW, Rich Fury / Getty Images

After wrapping up the character of Vinnie Van Lowe on Veronica Mars, Marino continued to have considerable success in the industry. He starred in Reaper, Party Down, Marry Me, Burning Love, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Children's Hospital.

26. Erica Gimpel (Alicia Fennel)

The CW, @ericagimpel / Via Twitter: @ericagimpel

Fennel's acting career since Veronica Mars has mainly consisted of guest appearances on TV shows like Criminal Minds, Grey's Anatomy, and True Blood. She also had a recurring role as Detective Harriet Mauro on The Young and the Restless.