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    If You’re A New (Or Even Not-So-New) Cat Owner, Check Out These 27 Things That Reviewers Say Are Must-Haves

    From grooming, to toys, and everything in between.

    1. A pair of grooming gloves so that you can comb your cat while petting them at the same time. With 225 silicone grooming tips, your cat can finally slip into a state of zen as you massage their excess fur away.

    A blue and black grooming glove covered in cat fir and

    2. An Oxyfresh water additive for the cat in your life who is quite particular about their dental snacks. This water additive is flavorless, meaning your cat won't even know that they're drinking something that will help make their breath smell fresh and their teeth and gums stronger.

    reviewer holding container of the water additive next to pet bowl filled with water

    3. A pair of claw trimmers to shape up the claws of your feline companion. This trimmer has a safety guard to prevent over-cutting your cat's claws, a locking mechanism to ensure that there are no slip-ups, and a built-in nail file that slides into the handle for a kitty manicure that is purrfect.

    reviewer holding blue and white claw trimmers

    4. A pair of bite-proof grooming gloves so that you can avoid the inevitable scratches from bathing and claw trimming. These gloves are 16 inches long, meaning that your precious forearms will remain protected, too.

    reviewer wearing the gray glove while playing with their fluffy cat

    5. A cardboard cat scratching pad that'll give your cat something other than your precious rug to scratch at. Plus, this pad will assist your cats in their natural nail-filing routine.

    A cat sitting on top of a cardboard cat scratching pad

    6. A sprayer-and-scrubber-in-one shower head, because a human-sized showerhead can be too intense for your delicate feline companion. This shower head is low-flow and handheld, meaning that you will be able to gently wash the soap off of your cat with ease.

    a black cat being washed by a blue handheld shower head

    7. And while we're on the subject of baths, a bath brush with silicone teeth to really get between your cat's fur and scrub their bodies. Pro tip: this brush works great as a massage comb for those dry moments in between washes, too.

    a striped cat being brushed with a purple silicone brush that fits in the palm of a hand

    8. An interactive toy maze for the cat who scoffs at mere toy mice. This treat toy is great for keeping your cats engaged and stimulated while you do other things, like tick off chores from your daily to-do list.

    four cats crowded around a cardboard interactive cat toy

    9. A pet-eye wipe to help your cat clean the tired out of their eyes, because the Sandman visits your feline companion, too!

    a person cleaning their beige cat's eye with an eye wipe

    10. A battery-powered nail buffer for the cats in your life with extra-sharp claws. This tool works great after a claw trimming session to buff out any sharp edges that might cause some unnecessary nicking down the line.

    11. A catnip-filled toy is sure to be a treat every time. Simply stuff the toy with catnip and watch the chaos ensue — away from your couch — as your cat tries to dig the catnip from inside this toy.

    an orange cat holding a soft carrot-shaped catnip toy

    12. And if your cat isn't too interested in catnip, an interactive laser pointer, because playtime is not just about having fun — it's important for keeping your cat active and maintaining their cognitive health, too.

    a cat chasing a red laser from an automatic laser pointer

    13. A Gorilla Grip rubber bath mat to make sure your feline doesn't slip during bath time (they're pretty agile creatures, but their smooth paws are no match for wet porcelain). Baths stress cats out a ton, so any measure to ensure an easygoing experience for your cat is worth taking.

    a reviewer photo of an orange cat on the clear tub mat

    14. A self-grooming cat toy that will provide your cat with those cute cheek scratches while you're too caught up with your daily tasks. I have a few of these toys adhered to multiple corners in my home to help my cats brush their fur as they are passing by. Pro tip: add the included catnip to the slots on either side of the toy to turn groom time into playtime.

    a black and white cat rubbing its face on a catit grooming toy that adheres to any corner

    15. A double-tiered pet food storage container helps keep your kitty kibble as fresh as possible. This product has two compartments, which is great for those who have multiple cats on different diets. Or perhaps you can store your cat's food in one container, and their dry treats in the other. The possibilities are endless!

    a cat infront of a blue and transluscent double-tiered plastic cat food container, a bag of dry food, and a trash can for size comparison

    16. A grooming brush for cats who have some extra knots in their fur from writhing around all day. This brush is self-cleaning, meaning that you won't have to worry about anything but listening to your kitty purr as you rid them of a matted coat. Some reviewers even say that their pets fight over this brush, so you know it must be good.

    17. A Greenies Pill Pocket treat that is just like sneaking veggies into a picky eater's meal. Simply place your cat's pill inside the treat, mold the soft treat around the pill, and watch them enjoy every last bite of what they think is a yummy snack.

    three greenie treats: one with a pill outside of it, one with a pill inside of it, and one with a pill inside of it and the treat molded around the pill so as to hide it

    18. An Advantage II topical flea prevention and treatment for small cats who like to go on adventures in the great outdoors. This treatment works within 12 hours of application and gets rid of fleas in all stages of life to break the flea life cycle that is currently taking place in your kitten's fur.

    The treatment

    19. A round warming cat bed to provide your cat with a comfortable place to lounge. This bed is perfect for those with cats who only sleep in the places most inconvenient to you (like right on your pillow).

    Reviewer's cat lounging on the circular fleece-lined pet bed

    20. A Petstages treat-dispensing puzzle that'll help your kitty slow down if they seem to eat as quickly as you serve them their food.

    a cat uncovering a treat from the puzzle board

    21. A Catit super roller circuit to preoccupy your cat while you try to get some typing done. (Why do cats always want your attention while you're typing?!)

    two cats lounging in a grey and white circuit toy that is in a figure eight shape

    22. A silicone cat bowl mat, because messes are inevitable when dinnertime rolls around. This will keep your floors food-free, and will also protect them from water damage if your cat is the type to splash their water bowl before drinking.

    gray mat under three pet bowls filled with food under automatic feeder

    23. A PetSafe feeder ball that'll keep mealtime fun, while simultaneously stimulating your high-energy cat's mind with play.

    a cat sitting with the toy in front of them

    24. An interactive tunnel and assortment of toys, is essentially like the cat version of a ball pit: once inside, your cat will never want to get out.

    25. A Catit flower water fountain, since some cats prefer running water to water that sits still in a bowl. This fountain filters water to ensure that your cat has a crisp and clean drink every time. I'm naming this a "must-have" since my cat, Katja, only ever wanted to drink water from my bathroom faucet until I bought her a water fountain.

    an orange cat looking at water flowing in a green and white fountain

    26. A PetUltimates probiotics for cats, because you care about your sweet little kitty who has trouble using the bathroom. This probiotic comes in a powder form and mixes into your cat's wet food effortlessly.

    a black cat sitting on a floor with a bottle of probiotics in front of them

    27. And a Gorilla Grips litter box mat so that you'll never have to worry about stepping on litter ever again. This mat traps litter and dust from your cat's paws, and is washable, too.

    a grey litter mat under a hooded litter box

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.