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    31 Things From Wayfair To Upgrade Your Space Without A Ton Of Work

    It's time to ditch confusing instruction manuals while still making your home look cute.

    1. A Novogratz polka dot rug to keep your feet warm and your living room stylish. And setup is simple — all you have to do is roll it out of the box.

    a white rug with black polka dots on a living room floor under a couch

    2. A Brim 8-cup coffee maker that'll up your coffee-making game while adding a modern and streamlined look to your kitchen counter.

    a silver pour-over coffee maker on a counter with croissants, grapes, and coffee in to-go cups

    3. A dragonfly shower curtain to add a dainty and light flair to any bathroom set up within minutes.

    a white shower curtain with flowers and dragonflies drawn throughout

    4. A Novogratz floor lamp, because the trick to sprucing up spaces is adding light. Consider this lamp for an effortless mid-century modern addition to your home.

    a gold floor lamp with three legs and a gold base. there is a white square lamp shade on top

    5. A set of marble bookends to immediately elevate your book club book collection.

    white, beige, and orange marble bookends holding books on a counter in front of a plant and photo

    6. A set of display trays for sprucing up your vanity, coffee table, and all the places in between that are in some serious need of organization.

    gold rectangular trays with mirrors at their base holding a coffee cup and milk

    7. A set of room-darkening curtains from the Wayfair Basics line to add some color to any room while keeping the cold and intense light out.

    navy room-darkening curtains in from of a window in a living room

    8. A Kelly Clarkson Home throw pillow with tassels to add to the collection of pillows your couch is most likely already sporting. These pillows are great for adding a minimal yet chic look to any living room or bedroom setup.

    a light pink linen square through pillow with tassels all around the edges

    9. A Mistana faux fur throw blanket that'll immediately add some lush vibes to your place. We recommend draping this over a bed, chair, sofa, or yourself as you watch a movie.

    an offwhite faux mink throw blanket on the edge of a light pink bed

    10. A Mistana full-length floor mirror, because a great way to add dimension to a room is by opening it up with a floor mirror. Plus, it'll provide ample opportunities for the perfect mirror selfie.

    a full length floor mirror with a stand and brown trimming

    11. A set of Clarkedale terra-cotta table vases that can hold flowers, act as centerpieces, or sit next to a pile of books on a shelf. Wherever you place these vases, they'll surely be a conversation starter.

    three terracotta vases painted white with indigo designs drawn on

    12. A Three Posts table runner to instantly add a rustic feel to your dining room. Zero instructions required.

    a brown sheer table runner with black stripes running down the middle on a wooden table

    13. A laundry room organizer, because who says our cleaning supplies can't look très chic? This laundry organizer will keep your clothes sorted, and your products neatly stacked.

    a mid-century modern laundry room organizer with three compartments and three wooden shelves

    14. A tabletop wine rack so that you won't ever have to worry about a clunky wine storage system ever again. Since this wine rack is compact, you can easily store it on your counter, and move it to the table when having a wine and cheese tasting night with friends.

    a gold wire wine rack holding three bottles of wine on a counter

    15. A concrete bathroom accessory set, because who says only hotel rooms can have such stylish bathroom accessories? There is no reason your toothbrush holder or waste bin should not look this cool.

    a light grey concrete bathroom accessory set with wooden details in a bathroom

    16. A Denmark acacia wood cutting board set that can double as a serving tray during homemade sushi nights. When not in use, it makes a great display on any kitchen counter.

    two dark wood cutting boards with legs on a kitchen counter

    17. A set of artificial succulents for those of you who love plants, but cannot remember the last time you kept one alive for longer than a week.

    six artificial succulents ranging from light green to burgundy, all in individual white square pots on a ledge

    18. A gingham valance, because sometimes, the simplest additions to our homes create the biggest changes. Consider this valance if you're looking to add some pizzazz to your shabby-chic kitchen.

    a black and white gingham valance in front of a window in a room

    19. An Eider & Ivory bath rug, because no one should have to endure cold tiles in the morning. This bath mat keeps your bathroom cute and your toes warm at the same time.

    a grey bath rug with a woven design and tassels on either end of the rug

    20. A wishbone paperweight to remind you of sweet family traditions while adding some oomph to your WFH setup.

    a gold paperweight in the shape of a wishbone

    21. A Joss & Main comforter set, because a bed is the focal point of any bedroom. Consider this comforter for an easy, airy, and beachy bedroom makeover.

    an ivory comforter set with tassels on the pillowcases on a wooden bed

    22. A set of fairy string lights that'll instantly add warmth to any room. Pro tip: line the walls in your hallways with these lights for an extra cozy touch to your home.

    a yellow fairy string light wrapped in its original packaging

    23. A soap dispenser for your kitchen counter that'll make you wonder why you ever settled for a plastic dispenser on your sink. Perhaps you can get a second one to hold lotion or hand sanitizer, too.

    a white soap dispenser on a counter top

    24. A Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse wicker basket for all the extra blankets and pillows you'll be using this season. This is also a great way to hide cords or store magazines that otherwise wouldn't have a home.

    a tan braided wicker basked with handles holding a pillow

    25. A rose gold desk organization set, because a tidy space is conducive to productivity. This set is perfect for zhuzhing up your desk setup with minimal effort required.

    a rose gold stationary and desk organization set on a desk

    26. A jewelry organizer tray so that you can have a pretty home for your finer pieces. Not into jewelry? This piece is great for holding keys and coins, too.

    a two-tier gold organizer tray for jewelry on a wooden counter

    27. A metal tabletop candlestick set, because candlesticks liven up any room. Add this to your dresser, bathroom counter, or dining room table for an instant room glow-up.

    three long mid-century modern golden candlesticks of varying lengths on a coffee table

    28. A Trent Austin Design desk lamp that doubles as a bedside lamp. Consider adding this to any room that is in need of an industrial makeover.

    a black industrial lamp with a glass lamp shade on a desk

    29. A cosmetic organizer, because organizing cosmetic products is such a pain! Let this handy organizer hold your palettes, perfumes, masks, and even nail polishes.

    an acrylic cosmetic organizer with three large drawers, four small drawers, and a tiered shelf on top for smaller cosmetic items

    30. A picture frame set to display your most important memories. We recommend hanging these frames close to one another on the same wall to make it look like an interior designer just moved in.

    7 black picture frames of varying sizes on a wall above a mantle

    31. A glass kitchen canister set, because there's no better way to spruce up your kitchen counter in a simple way than by eliminating all those bags of sugar or rice.

    four glass cylindrical canisters with stainless steel screw-on tops on a kitchen counter

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