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    • isabellal

      Please god someone tell me they read the full complaint document at the end of this article that was written by that poor woman’s lawyer.
      No one’s talking about the charges there, so I’d assume it wasn’t read, in which case I’d be happy to sum up the rest of the charges to explain the extent of the bigotry and ignorance of not only Paula Deen and her corporate buddies, but her brother, Bubba Hiers.
      Bubba watched porn in the kitchen, forgot to exit, and thus employees opening up the computer and frequently were shown explicit images without consent. He often came to work withapaper cup of whiskey (this is in the afternoon/morning mind you), called the predominately black cafeteria workers “monkeys”, made sexual and unsolicited advances on the defendant, took money from the family restaurant for personal use, assaultedaworker to try to cover up his racist/sexist/bigoted comments, and even said asajoke toagroup of his manager buddies “dateawoman withaflat head so you can rest your beer cup on her head while she’s give youablow job.”
      Disgusting man who should be getting much more press than Paula Deen, though what she did was also pretty freakin terrible.
      She frequently made terrible jokes that exposed her racist bigotry and often swore, peppering her sentences with “fucking” ‘s and the like. Yeah she’s not the kindly old grandma that she seems to be on the food network. It wasn’ta”mistake” that Paula Deen made, this isarecurring habit, her racist conduct and the absolutely inexcuseable behavior of her brother KEPT AND KEEPS happening. Her apology was NOTHING compared to what she has done and continued to do throughout her management of the company.
      Basically all the higher-ups in the company repeatedly denied the defendantapay raise simply because she wasawoman and it was directly stated to her that even the fact that she wasageneral manager in the restaurant asawoman (quote: “doingaman’s job”) should be something she should find grateful. This entire family seems to have forgotten that this is the 21st century.

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