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    27 Products Under £13 That You Should Treat Yourself To This Week

    Including some celestial best friend rings!

    1. These tiny temporary tattoos that will let you experiment with the ink aesthetic without any of the commitment.

    2. A versatile and stylish corduroy bag that you'll probably use every single day this summer.

    3. Some cute stickers that will satisfy your inner organisation nerd.

    4. A soft silicone straw that, unlike metal reusable straws, won't clank against your teeth.

    5. These little macaron boxes that are perfect for holding your rings, earrings, and necklaces.

    6. A Himalayan salt candle holder that will create a warm glow, making any room feel like a bougie spa.

    7. A beginner-friendly lettering and calligraphy book that will help you unleash your creative side and start a new hobby!

    8. A pair of minimalist best friend rings – one has a tiny engraved moon and the other has a tiny sun!

    9. A hilarious bath fizzer that's shaped like the iconic orange sofa from Friends.

    10. A beginner-friendly embroidery kit that has everything you need to stitch a stunning floral design.

    11. A hilarious "cereal killer" spoon that will delight true crime fans and cereal enthusiasts alike.

    12. A pack of 50 stickers from The Office that you can use to decorate your laptop and water bottle.

    13. A gin-making kit that will turn boring vodka into an artisanal spirit.

    14. A personalised name plate in the iconic Disney font that just might be the answer to the wish your heart made. It's a fun desk accessory for any adult Disney fan!

    15. A set of popular watercolour brush pens that means your art will go from doodles to masterpieces in no time.

    16. A set of six shower steamers that are basically bath bombs for people who don't have tubs. You'll get two candles included too!

    17. Some stylish glasses that block blue light to help prevent headaches.

    18. A set of four flavoured pink gins so you can have a G&T night that's worthy of Elle Woods.

    19. An asymmetrical pair of planet and moon earrings that will make you feel like you inspired "Space Girl."

    20. A dual-ended eyeliner stamp that will give you an instant symmetrical cat-eye.

    21. A 'One Line A Day' journal that will chronicle your moods, memories, and misadventures for five years.

    22. Red, White, And Royal Blue, because who doesn't want to read a romance between the son of the President of the United States and the son of the Prime Minister? It's a trans-Atlantic queer romance that should be on everyone's book list this summer.

    23. Some asymmetrical polka dot stickers to turn your boring white wall into a patterned statement work of art.

    24. An absolutely stunning fan that looks like an antique book. Ironically, there are no words to describe how much I love this fan!

    25. These sachets that turn regular fire into a multicoloured spectacle!

    26. A Cath Kidston hand cream set that features three moisturising lotions made with shea butter.

    27. Some polka dot headbands to keep your hair out of your face and give your whole outfit a retro vibe.