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    13 Disney Characters Who Could Have Been Played By Different People

    Jim Carrey could have been a Disney prince?!?!

    1. Alicia Keys auditioned for Tiana three times.

    2. According to her memoir, Naya Rivera (AKA Santana from Glee) auditioned for Cheetah Girls AND High School Musical.

    3. Disney tried to cast The Beatles The Jungle Book.

    4. Disney considered Amy Poehler for the part of Rapunzel.

    5. Emma Watson turned down La La Land so she could star in Beauty and the Beast...

    6. ...and Ryan Gosling turned down Beauty and the Beast so he could star in La La Land.

    7. Jim Carrey could have voiced Buzz Lightyear.

    8. And he also auditioned for The Little Mermaid as Prince Eric.

    9. Owen Wilson was originally set to play Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove.

    10. Lindsey Lohan was considered for the part of Lizzie McGuire.

    11. Taylor Lautner was up for the role of Shane in Camp Rock.

    12. Captain Jack Sparrow could have been played by Hugh Jackman.

    13. And the role of Will Turner almost went to Heath Ledger.