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11 Action Figures From '90s Movies That Never Deserved To Exist


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7. "Robert Muldoon, with Firing Tranq Bazooka" from Jurassic Park (Bob Peck)

Who cares that the movie was about the fallibility of man when he uses science to play God, get that big-game-hunting head of security made into an action figure ASAP! And give him a weapon he didn't have in the movie. And a dinosaur.

8. "Guile, in Paratrooper Uniform" from Street Fighter (Jean-Claude Van Damme)

Listen, you make a plastic Jean-Claude Van Damme and you give him a goddamn parachute and then you make money. That's how this business works.

10. "Talking Turbo Man" from Jingle All the Way

I don't give a shit if the whole point of the movie was to expose the hollow, empty center of a life that is controlled by consumerism — the kids will cry for 'em so the parents will fucking buy 'em!


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