Your Favorite Movies In Your Early Twenties Vs. Your Late Twenties

    You're still big. It's the pictures that got small.

    Early twenties: You connect with sexy people having dranks.

    Late twenties: You emotionally connect with single people and their wine.

    Early twenties: You're inspired by the geek to chic Hollywood beauty standard.

    Late twenties: You're inspired by women who create their own beauty standards.

    Early twenties: You're amused by bitches who scheme and gossip.

    Late twenties: You're more amused by a refined comeback.

    Early twenties: EXPLOSIONS.

    Late twenties: PLOT.

    Early twenties: You relate to sex like this.

    Late twenties: Nah, THIS is sex goals.

    Early twenties: You love a mindless slasher.

    Late twenties: You know the genre better and you call it out.

    Early twenties: You understand the hip lingo.

    Late twenties: You're nostalgic for that lingo you still use, but no one else does.

    Early twenties: You find this Tom Hanks cute as hell.

    Late twenties: You know that Tom Hanks ages like wine and is better when he's older.

    Early twenties: The allure of just falling into jobs easily.

    Late twenties: You relate to having to HUSTLE for that dollar.

    Early twenties: Rom-coms got you like...

    Late twenties: Love is depressing AF.

    Early twenties: This.

    Late twenties: Um, still this.