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12 Steps To Being A Perfect Bitch From Georgina Sparks

"X-O-F-Off." —Georgina Sparks.

Basic bitches are a dime a dozen. Have you ever felt like people don't respect your presence enough?

Allow Gossip Girl's HBIC to give you a lesson in being the baddest bitch you can be.

1. First of all, never take offense to haters. Their opinions don't matter.

2. And if people don't like you, show them the door.

3. Use "I" statements to clearly address problematic situations.

4. Recognize the benefits of useless, yet attractive people.

5. Warn people of your intentions, so no one can claim your bitchiness caught them by surprise.

6. They should know that an attack from them will require retaliation.

7. Recognize that being a bitch is a gift granted to you by God.

8. Never hold your tongue for too long.

9. No matter who you're dealing with.

10. Being a bitch is actually a lot of work.

11. Because, let's face it, hell is other people.

12. So hang on to the one person who gets you.

Here endeth the lesson.