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There's A New Tumblr Devoted To Getting Racists Fired

Someone's been watching Harriet the Spy.

In a 2014 kinda world, you'd think people would have learned by now that being racist on the internet where it can be clearly documented isn't the smartest move ever. Remember Justine Sacco?

She learned the hard way that offensive tweets can get you fired when she tweeted the following:


Social media responded swiftly and got Justine fired while she was on a 12 hour flight from London to Capetown. It gave the internet a taste of blood. And now, in its wake, is the internet's own version of Jaws 2.

Racists Getting Fired is a new Tumblr devoted to documenting racists who've been fired for their offensive comments on social media AND for tracking down the employment information of people still earning a paycheck.

Like this person who dared the "haters" to come at him for expressing his opinion.

He changed his tune swiftly.

The Tumblr community went after this girl who probably shouldn't have been THIS honest on Instagram.

The result?

The tumblr has offered tips from other users on how to get racists fired.

There's even a FAQ for people who want to submit racists to the tumblr.

Moral of the story: Tumblr is always watching.

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