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The "A" Reveal On "Pretty Little Liars" Was Outrageous


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But now we know. Charles is CECE. CeCe was born Alison's older brother and turned out to be Michael Myers crazy, so he got sent to a psych ward. And then she transitioned into a woman named Charlotte, before changing her name to CeCe Drake.


Then another woman, Valerie, came to town and was ultimately revealed to BE VINCENT.

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The other similarity? Passions' portrayal of Vincent/Valerie was horrifying and offensive. And with Pretty Little Liars' five-year time jump in its finale, CeCe's reveal also seems to be a stunt.

For a show that's told such a beautiful story about Emily coming out of the closet, and strong female friendship, seeing a mentally unstable killer's reveal become a transgender story is incredibly disappointing.