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Colin Hanks Wrote An Impassioned Plea For More "Star Wars" Merchandise For Girls

Girls like Star Wars too.

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Saturday on Instagram, Colin Hanks posted a story about what happened when he showed his daughter Star Wars: A New Hope on May 4, otherwise known as Star Wars Day.

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His 4-year-old daughter Olivia was enamored with Princess Leia, but even at a young age she was able to express disappointment at a lack of women in the franchise, stating: "It's so tiring watching these movies. There's only one girl."

He took Olivia to Toys "R" Us to find her a Princess Leia toy, but unfortunately only found a toy of Leia as a slave in Return of the Jedi.

Lucasfilm Ltd

Star Wars, of course, is not the only franchise with this problem. Many people spoke up about a lack of merchandise for girls surrounding big summer blockbuster Avengers: Age of Ultron.

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Colin finished his statement by saying: "The only good to come from this is that, once again, my daughter makes me look at the world in a whole new light."

See the full statement and Instagram here:

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