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    Ranking 33 Classic Hollywood Leading Men

    As only a gay man and a straight man could decide.

    Resident BuzzFeed gay Ira Madison III recently sat down with straight male Javier Moreno, fresh off his visit to the AVN Awards, to rank a different kind of porn — studs from Hollywood's golden age of cinema. Here are the results:

    33. James Cagney

    32. Robert Mitchum

    31. Joseph Cotten

    30. Spencer Tracy

    29. John Wayne

    28. Richard Burton

    27. David Niven

    26. Robert Taylor

    25. Glenn Ford

    24. Charles Boyer

    23. Kirk Douglas

    22. Dean Martin

    21. Fred Astaire

    20. Tyrone Power

    19. Henry Fonda

    18. Humphrey Bogart

    17. Laurence Olivier

    16. James Stewart

    15. Gregory Peck

    14. Gary Cooper

    13. Frank Sinatra

    12. Yul Brynner

    11. Errol Flynn

    10. Gene Kelly

    9. Burt Lancaster

    8. Cary Grant

    7. Clark Gable

    6. Montgomery Clift

    5. Sidney Poitier

    4. James Dean

    3. Rock Hudson

    Notable Films: Giant, Pillow Talk, All That Heaven Allows, Written on the Wind

    Javi: More like Cock Hudson.

    Ira: I'm not even gonna say, "JAVI." Because DUH.

    Javi: Nobody looks like that showering. He has the look of a guy who'd steal all my girlfriends in high school. Have you seen photos of him with a beard? He looks even better with a beard.

    Ira: 👀

    2. Paul Newman

    1. Marlon Brando

    Notable Films: A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, Guys and Dolls

    Javi: I don't care what sexual orientation you are, if you're not turned on by Marlon Brando you're not breathing.

    Ira: If I was a corpse and Marlon Brando wanted to bang me I would be pulling a George A. Romero so goddamn fast. Marlon Brando* is the prototype for the perfect man.

    *In the 1950s. Ain't nobody talking about Jor-El.

    Addendum: "For a clarification, Javi and I went with the general consensus of the golden age ending in the early 1960s. This left Warren Beatty and Robert Redford off the list — their major roles began in the mid-to-late '60s." — Ira