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    All 49 Of Cookie's Fierce Looks In "Empire"

    The best thing about Fox's new drama Empire is Taraji P. Henson's LOOKS in every scene. Here's every glorious outfit she's worn thus far:

    Taraji P. Henson delivers a knockout performance in Fox's new drama Empire as Cookie Lyon, a woman recently released from prison, looking for her piece of the music empire she helped create.



    1. That "I Been in Prison Since Martin Was on the Air" Look


    Cookie's first appearance is a magnificent one, strolling out of prison in her leopard print dress and fur coat like a BOSS.

    2. That "Black in Orange Is the New Black" Look


    Looking like she just went a couple of rounds with Vee on Orange Is the New Black, Cookie looks less than fabulous in her orange jumpsuit, but that's kind of the point, yes?

    3. That "I Guess I Gotta go to Prison for my Trifling Man" Look


    '90s Cookie was all about the ponytail and (probably) Coogi leather jackets. Let's pray she never has a Throwback Thursday moment.

    4. That "Let's Make a Deal" Look


    We don't see much of this creamy white outfit due to the dim lighting during Jamal's (Jussie Smollett) performance, but she's wheelin' and dealin' so you know she's looking fly.

    5. That "Assassin on the Set of TLC's 'Creep' Video" Look


    If you've just gotten out of prison, you KNOW you've got some enemies, so it's better safe than sorry.

    6. That "Bye, Becky!" Look


    Becky (Gabourey Sidibe) needs to work on her assistant game, because she was no match for Cookie strolling into Lucious' office unannounced.

    7. That "Did You Really Put Our Son in a TRASH CAN?" Look


    Lucious Lyon (Terrence Howard) horrifyingly (but also hilariously, this is a soap, after all) throws his gay son into a trash can. Cookie is NOT having it and her ponytail is getting quite the workout while she and her hoop earrings go to bat for her son.

    8. That "Wake Your Ass Up" Look


    Cookie has zero time for people sleeping on the job.

    9. That "Choosy Moms Choose Jif" Look


    Cookie just serving you Desperate Housewives realness with that sandwich platter.

    10. That "Alexis Carrington Boardroom Stroll" Look


    Yaaaasss, bitch, yaaaassss!

    11. That "Game on, Bitch" Look


    Only Taraji could make a line like "I'll show you a faggot can run this company" sound triumphant, but that's exactly how it sounds when she comes to her son's defense against Lucious, who has hated Jamal for being gay ever since he was a child. Taraji throws down the gauntlet, letting Lucious know that she and Jamal are taking over.

    "The Outspoken King" (Episode 2):

    12. That “Shake the Man’s Hand Daddy and Let’s Be On Our Way” Look


    Cookie struts into Lucious’ upstate mansion wearing a fur/leather combination and a dashiki someone probably sewed into a dress for her in prison. But that’s the outfit you have to wear when you decide to stiff cabbies on their fare.

    13. That “I Took My Jacket off Just to Throw This Shoe at You” Look


    We get a full look at Cookie’s Kwanzaa dress as she tosses her Steve Madden pumps at Lucious. Luckily, she hired a new assistant named Portia whose sole duty is probably to retrieve things Cookie throws at people.

    14. That “Have I Wandered Onto a Gay Porn Shoot?” Look


    Apparently Rhonda, Andre’s wife, lathers up hot men and takes photos of them. As you do. Rhonda was like, “Some white girls got it like that.” But girl, #AllLives like leering at half-naked men. Cookie is more than happy to oblige in a cute red miniskirt that’s easy to hike up if you need to have impromptu sex with any of these willing models.

    15. That “Sometimes Shit Goes Down When You Wear a Tina Knowles Original on an Elevator” Look


    Cookie is still dressing in her pre-prison clothes, but she absolutely slays in this Destiny’s Child look that’s apropos for going Solange on a bitch’s ass in an elevator.

    16. That “Adriana Got Whacked for Snitching on The Sopranos, You Trying to Get Me Killed?” Look


    Ah, the eternal hip-hop struggle. Do you go to jail for not snitching like Lil' Kim or do you skip prison time like T.I. and have managing Iggy Azalea’s career be your ultimate karma? Turns out the FBI wants Cookie to testify against Lucious in front of a grand jury — and who doesn’t like being kidnapped by the feds when you’re wearing an evening gown you borrowed from the set of Dynasty?

    "The Devil Quotes Scripture" (Episode 3):

    17. That "What Do You Mean PETA Won't Let Me in the Boardroom?" Look


    Cookie is serving you fur for DAYS like she's Lara Croft excavating an arctic tundra.

    18. That "Did You Set the VCR for New York Undercover?" Look


    This crimped bob with some knock-off Karl Kani prints is perfect if you're heading down to the set of Ghost Town DJ's music video.

    19. That "Puffy Just Sampled a Sting Hit for This Video" Look


    Cookie dons her best mourning veil as she gives you regal Uptown Funk, but also All Black Because This Is A Funeral realness.

    20. That "They Shoot Horses, Don't They? Because I'm Not Stepping in Mr. Ed's Shit" Look


    Why not rock leopard prints, leather, and a cape when you're strolling onto a farm to meet with someone named PUMA?

    21. That "I'm Praying for This Hoe" Look


    Cookie is looking flawless in this one-shoulder gown, but when you're saying grace and praying for thirsty hoes, what else does one wear?

    "False Imposition" (Episode 4)

    22. That "Shut the Door and Have a Seat in My Broom Closet" Look


    Cookie has on a rather demure woodland-forest-colored dress, considering what she normally wears, when she finds out her "office" is basically a broom closet.

    23. That "Here's a Pizza Because Your Boyfriend Doesn't Seem to Have a Job Is He Working at Zara or Something?" Look


    Cookie struts in wearing a jacket with a purple fur collar like she's Nichelle Nichols in Truck Turner. In case you were wondering, the pizza has more lines than Michael in this scene.

    24. That "Assalamualaikum no Oink for Me" Look


    I'm sure the Nation of Islam was thrilled at Cookie turning up in this scarf and strolling in to make business deals. At least it matches her Dalmatian prints and black leather boots.

    25. That "I'll Stir Fry You in My Wok" Look


    When cooking dumplings for your estranged son and his girlfriend, make sure you wear an animal print tracksuit that matches the wallpaper.

    26. That "Bassett by Angela Bassett Collection" Look


    Yaaasss with this flowy, Waiting to Exhale dress while Cookie downs Lucious' cognac before sauntering off.

    27. That "We at the Teen Choice Awards and Couldn't Even Get a Selena Gomez Cameo?" Look


    Cookie rocks a low-cut mini-dress straight out of 1997, which is probably the last time she would have attended the Teen Choice Awards on her own.

    28. That "How Long Y'all Been Waiting to Use This Pun?" Look


    This hiked-up blue dress is perfect for delivering groan-inducing puns in newspaper form like THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. Which writer cracked up in the room over that joke?

    "Dangerous Bonds" (Episode 5)

    29. That "Yo Is This Suge Knight's Recording Studio?" Look


    On her way to record with Jamal before popping out to testify at a grand jury, Cookie throws on a simple leather jacket with a gray top and pants. Just something casual in case you get shot at.

    30. That "I'm Here for the Belly Auditions" Look


    In this flashback to Cookie seeing a federal agent get popped, she's doing a drug deal in a platinum blonde wig and a white fur bomber jacket because lest you forget, this is THE '90S.

    31. That "Agent Carter of Harlem" Look


    Cookie tosses on her white-and-black fedora to match her white dress and black leather trench like she's about to go solve mysteries and fight '40s gangsters in Sugar Hill.

    32. That "Shit, $5,000 Will Actually Get You a Hit Man in This Economy" Look


    Cookie is just chilling at home in a comfortable Adidas sweatshirt when she realizes that she's not actually being targeted for snitching at the grand jury — it was actually Lucious who left the mysterious rose on her door step. But it was too late to call off the hit she'd ordered.

    "Out, Damned Spot" (Episode 6)

    33. That "Romantic Comedy Montage" Look


    Cookie tries on a bevy of outfits while listening to Lil' Kim's "The Jump Off," in a montage straight out of a Stomp the Yard deleted scene. The black top with the skirt decked out in gold and T'Challa prints is the best, but the sparkly number and the signature animal prints aren't bad either.

    34. That "Hit Em Up Style Like I'm Blu Cantrell" Look


    Cookie is outchea debuting her new lingerie line while she prepares to get bodied with Lucious. Only, when it turns out that it's his engagement party to Anika, she lets the entire party know what a REAL ass looks like as she makes her exit.

    35. That "Where Are the Auditions For the Eartha Kitt Biopic?" Look


    Cookie mixes some sexy cat burglar prints into her traditional wardrobe of animal prints and she's feeling pretty bout it bout it.

    36. That "I Took Pimping Lessons From Sydney on Melrose Place" Look


    When strolling into a club with maybe-prostitutes to pimp to a professional athlete, be sure to wear a basic black ensemble to remind them that you are a boss and not the clientele.

    37. That "Oh, Make Me Over" Look


    Courtney Love, if she were a regular cast member, would probably require an entire post of her own. Here, she's ripping out her extensions after Cookie tells her to stop dressing like the Ghost of Drag Queen's Past. You need to keep it simple when being an HBIC, like this very simple, not at all extravagant snakeskin top Cookie is wearing.

    38. That "My ID? You Better Ask About Cookie" Look


    Cookie twirls into Empire with her "Excuse me?" face on and an Anthropologie discounted top underneath a floor-length sweater jacket, because work.

    "Our Dancing Days" (Episode 7)

    39. That "Fur's Anatomy" Look


    Cookie is giving flawless in this white fur coat with a baby blue blouse underneath as she strolls out to Lucious' ambulance.

    40. That "Cameron D and Destiny" Look


    Cookie rocks one of her traditional prints on a sleek, form-fitting dress while she addresses potential Empire shareholders. She's on her independent woman stroll.

    41. That "Long Fur, Don't Care" Look


    Cookie throws on a new fur because it's chilly af in New York.

    42. That "My Neck, My Back" Look


    Lucious and Cookie hit the sheets and Boo Boo Kitty gets to see her in all her natural hair, Cookie Got Her Groove Back glory.

    "The Lyon's Roar" (Episode 8)

    43. That "#TBT" Look


    This is the first outfit we saw Cookie in from the pilot episode, but we now see when she strolled out of prison she left that platinum wig inside. She probably donated it to Kim Kardashian.

    44. That "House of Cards Marathon On Netflix" Look


    Cookie is lounging, eating popcorn in the afterglow of her sex with Lucious. It's another one of her faves from the Bassett by Angela Bassett collection.

    45. That "Did We Just Have Sex While Our Son's Song Was Playing" Look


    No, seriously. Cookie and this low-cut dress get it on with Lucious while Jamal's song PLAYS IN THE STUDIO. Eww.

    46. That "Mama Knows Best" Look


    Cookie throws on a fur vest and some jewelry to match her smile now that Hakeem is actually talking to her. But...

    47. That "I May Be Wearing White Buy I WILL Stain This Dress With Blood" Look

    Fox doesn't last. Cookie is none too pleased to see Hakeem show up with his boo Naomi Campbell. And this jumpsuit is perfect for some ass-kicking.

    48. That "We Didn't Have iPads When I Went To Prison This Is So Exciting" Look


    Cookie skinned a cow and wore it as a dress, but it looks flawless on her.

    "Unto the Breach" (Episode 9)

    49. That "You're Gonna Take These Cookies" Look


    Cookie rocks only one outfit this week, because a lot of shit goes down when Anika tries stealing all of Lucious' artists and giving them to Judd Nelson. But Cookie's heels, leather pants and leather duster go from throwing Anika's clothes out the house, to getting drunk off purple drank, to telling her security guard to "take these cookies!"

    What's Cookie wearing in episode 10? Here's a preview:

    View this video on YouTube

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