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    Just 19 Babies Dressed As Food

    With all the craziness that's been going on in the world recently, everyone could use to smile a little more. And what makes people happier than babies dressed as food? That's what I thought. (p.s. You can buy all of these costumes.)

    1. Pumpkin Baby

    2. Sushi Babies

    3. Ketchup Packet Baby

    4. Ramen Baby

    5. Sriracha Baby

    6. Strawberry Baby

    7. Cookie Baby

    8. Spaghetti Baby

    9. Carrot Baby

    10. Pea Pod Baby

    11. Candy Corn Baby

    12. Hot Dog Baby

    13. Wonder Bread Baby

    14. Soy Sauce Baby

    15. Turkey Baby

    16. Cooked Turkey Baby

    17. Corn Baby

    18. Pineapple Babies

    19. Banana Baby