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23 Disney-Themed Kitchen Gadgets You Definitely Need

Why use a fork when you could have a dinglehopper?

1. This adorable Chip mug.

The same Etsy store also has cute hand-painted Disney princess and Lion King mugs.

2. These wooden princess spoons.

Match the princess to they type of food you're cooking — Belle for anything French, Ariel for seafood, you get the idea.

3. This kitchen caddy.

What a perfect place to put your wooden princess spoons!

4. These super-cute Pooh and Tigger cookie cutters.

Make sure to serve the cookies with plenty of honey.

5. This Snow White apron.

Now all you have to do is whistle for a bunch of little animals to come help you cook!

6. This perfect wine glass.

For all your basic biffles.

7. This Olaf snow cone maker.

"Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle, but put me in summer and I'll be a...happy snowcone!"

8. This, dinglehopper.

Just don't brush your hair with it.

9. This Mickey Mouse toaster.

Why would you ever have normal toast again when you could have Mickey toast?

10. This R2-D2 lunchbox.

Now that Disney officially owns Star Wars, your inner geek can get in on this kitchen Disney-fication.

11. This Remy poster.

The next best thing, besides a real talking rat, to keep you inspired.

12. This Jack Skellington mug.

For Halloween, or all the time.

13. This popcorn maker.

This popper will come in handy every time you're having a Disney movie marathon (so basically every night).

14. This Snow White-inspired spoon.

For all those times when you need to check your appearance but don't have a mirror around.

15. This Darth Vader water bottle.

This bottle will keep your water cold, just like Darth Vader's soul.

16. This casserole dish.

Cute enough to convert even self-proclaimed casserole haters.

17. These Alice in Wonderland napkins.

Perfect for your next unbirthday party.

18. This mug warmer.

Keep your drinks hot and happy.

19. This Olaf waffle maker.

Just think about how happy Olaf would be if you put some ice cream on him.

20. This lunchbox-friendly reusable snack bag.

Even Cruella de Vil would be jealous of this baggie.

21. This Disney castle cutting board.

The perfect wedding gift for any Disney-obsessed friends (or just a gift for yourself, let's be honest).

22. These tongs.

Your burgers and dogs are safe in Mickey's hands.

23. This Mike Wazowski coffee cozy.

Essential office gear for anyone who wants to work at Monsters, Inc.