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23 Disney-Themed Kitchen Gadgets You Definitely Need

Why use a fork when you could have a dinglehopper?

1. This adorable Chip mug.

2. These wooden princess spoons.

3. This kitchen caddy.

4. These super-cute Pooh and Tigger cookie cutters.

Make sure to serve the cookies with plenty of honey.

5. This Snow White apron.

6. This perfect wine glass.

7. This Olaf snow cone maker.

8. This, dinglehopper.

9. This Mickey Mouse toaster.

10. This R2-D2 lunchbox.

11. This Remy poster.

12. This Jack Skellington mug.

13. This popcorn maker.

14. This Snow White-inspired spoon.

15. This Darth Vader water bottle.

16. This casserole dish.

17. These Alice in Wonderland napkins.

18. This mug warmer.

19. This Olaf waffle maker.

20. This lunchbox-friendly reusable snack bag.

21. This Disney castle cutting board.

22. These tongs.

23. This Mike Wazowski coffee cozy.