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24 Things Scots Only Realise When They Go To University In England

"Ready for your Braveheart party, Rab?"

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1. When introducing yourself to fellow freshers, you'll struggle to explain where you're from.

If it's not Edinburgh or Glasgow, then good luck.

2. Whenever you bump into a new person, they'll force you to say things in a Scottish accent.

"Go on, say it!"


"Curly Wurly"

*rapturous applause*

It's the party trick you never knew you had.

3. You'll find yourself constantly saying "I did highers, not A-levels" in freshers' week. / Via

"How old were you?" "I was in Year 8." "I have no idea what that means."

The English school system is way more different than you ever realised.

4. And it won't be long before your fellow students give you a stereotypical Scottish nickname as well.

If they're remotely inventive, it'll probably be "Rab" or "Jock". If not, you'll just be "Scottish (your name)".


6. In lectures, you will be considered the oracle on all matters Scottish.

Cartoon Network

Having everyone stare at you any time the SNP, referendums, or anything north of the border is mentioned gets old pretty quickly.

7. You'll be stunned when your mates consider cancelling a night out because of the weather.

#Scottishproblems when someone complains that it's raining

"You think this is cold? YOU WILL NEVER KNOW COLD."


9. You won't realise how much you love Tunnock's Teacakes until your mum posts you a care package.

Plus when you have to choose between buying food and doing laundry, those parcels come in pretty handy.

10. If there's another Scottish person on campus, everyone will assume you know each other.

Chances are you'll probably become pals, but don't just assume, yeah?

11. Your student railcard becomes your most treasured possession; you could never afford to get home without it.

We are eternally grateful, National Rail.


13. On the plus side, Irn-Bru is more widely available than you'd thought.


14. Your coursemates will insist on giving you a detailed history of their Scottish ancestors.

When non-scottish people think they're half scottish cause they had a swally of diet irn bru #scottishproblems

A privilege you previously thought was reserved for visiting America.

15. But that does mean that even if you're the only Scot around, you'll have plenty of people to celebrate with. / Via

Burns supper? St Andrew's Day ceilidh? Scotland winning the Six Nations (lol jk)? All legitimate excuses to take over the SU bar.

16. You'll be shocked that English students don't know anything about Scottish history.

"What do you mean you haven't heard of the Highland clearances? NO, IT'S NOT A JANUARY SALE."


17. And you'll discover that some students don't know anything about Scotland at all.

Things we have include, but are not limited to: electricity, Wi-Fi, inside toilets.

19. You'll feel it's a point of honour to make your flatmates try haggis at least once, even though it's a tough job.

"I can't explain why it's nice, it just is."

20. If Scotland are playing England in a sporting event, the SU bar can be a tense place.

Walt Disney Studios

"I'll just sit quietly over here unless it looks like Scotland might win, in which case I will make sure you know it."


21. Uni nights out often end in disappointment because you can't get your usual at the chippy.

"If I was at home I'd be having a hamburger supper right now."

22. English students are less about the Buckfast and MD 20/20 and more about Lambrini.

It's clearly time to introduce them to wreck-the-hoose juice.

24. And you always die a little bit inside when you see this sign on your way back to uni after the holidays.

But at least you've stocked up on tattie scones. Every cloud has a silver lining.