10 High-Tech Devices for Cat Lovers

Here are some high tech cat devices to bring you and your cat into the 21st century… AND BEYOND!

1. 1. Motion Sensor Cat Toy

The Motion Sensor Cat Toy uses sensors to keep your cat busy for hours on end. This frees up hundred of hours for you to spend taking pictures of your cat doing silly things with a robotic toy.

2. 2. DIY Kitty Crack: Catnip Extract

Ensure permanent BFF status with your cat by making some Kitty Crack, which is essentially highly distilled catnip oil. One hit of this stuff, and your cat will be hooked forever.

3. 3. Computer Monitor Cat Bed

Take apart your old unused CRT monitor and turn it into a comfy Monitor Cat Bed. Not only is it comfy for your cat, but is just like the internet… but in real life!

4. 4. Animatronic Cat Ears

Communicate better with your cat with your own Animatronic Cat Ears. With these emotion-expressing ears strapped to your head, you can surely be more on-the-level with your cat.

5. 5. Automated Cat Window

It might, perhaps, be a mistake to give your cat total control of your house. Nonetheless, we are certain that this Automated Cat Window is the future… and part of kitteh’s plan for total human domination.

6. 6. Nyan Cat Rocket

No cat guide about the future would be complete without a Nyan Cat Rocket. Explore the outer reaches of the known solar system with Nyan Cat.

7. 7. Cat-Powered Automatic Cat Feeder

Humans have to work their own food. It is about darn time cats had to do the same. Thanks to the Cat-Powered Cat Feeder, cats no longer get a free ride.

8. 8. Tweeting Cat Door

Want to know if your cat is cheating on you with another house? Use the Tweeting Cat Door to secretly spy on your cat’s secret life while you are not there.

9. 9. CatBot: Robot Laser Toy

The CatBot is probably the most advanced laser-based exercise device ever created for cats. Like the motion triggered cat toy, it is bound to keep kitty spazzing out for hours on end.

10. 10. Robot Laser Cat

No vision of the future is complete without Robotic Laser Cats shooting friggin’ lasers out of the friggin’ eyes! Begins the RoboCat rebellion!

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