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    "Crazy Rich Asians'" Henry Golding Played With Kittens While Answering Fan Questions

    "Oh. My. God."

    In case you're slow on the buzz, this summer's most hotly anticipated rom-com is Crazy Rich Asians. Recently, we hosted its ridiculously charming leading man, Henry Golding, and had him answer a couple of fan questions...

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    ...And honestly, everything about it was crazy adorable.

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    1. If you had one million dollars, what would you spend it on?

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    Henry: A house for kittens. I think one of those kitten cafes, or a cat cafe? I have an obscene fascination with cats... It's kind of embarrassing. But they're so cute. [Points at kitten] This one's pretty cute. Either that, or buying out somewhere like Disneyland. I hate crowds, so just bringing family or friends over there, and having a good time without having to queue. And then filling the entire place with cats, and dogs, and puppies. [makes OK sign] That'd be the best.

    2. If you could play any other role in Crazy Rich Asians, who would it be?

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    Henry: I've got to say, Jimmy O. Yang plays Bernard Tai extremely well. The obnoxious cousin with ridiculous amounts of money — that would be a fun role. If not, Awkwafina kills it as Peik Lin. That would've been a wicked role. I don't know about the wig though, that looks pretty itchy.

    3. When did you get your first cat?

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    Henry: Aw, man. I think I must've been about four? I've got photos where I was very young, sort of just holding tight to cats. And actually, one of those photos I've put up on Instagram and it got me a movie role. This is bringing back memories.

    4. How did you feel when you got the role of Nick Young in Crazy Rich Asians?

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    Henry: Jon [Chu, the director] scoured pretty much the entire world for Asian acting men. When I got the news, I was having this furious fight on Valentine's Day with my wife. I get the call, it's Jon — everything stops. Then he told me the great news, and uh, obviously, the rest of the day went really well.

    5. What were some of the best parts of filming with all your co-stars?

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    Henry: I think it was just that family camaraderie. We were such a tight-knit group. Every single night we'd go out for dinner, we'd hang out, I'd show them around Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. And we're all there together, Asians from America, from the UK, from Australia, from Malaysia and Singapore. It was really special... like these kittens!

    6. What's it like working with amazing women like Constance Wu and Awkwafina?

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    Henry: You missed Michelle Yeoh. Michelle Yeoh is the BIGGEST amazing female Asian star in the universe. She was queen on and off the set. So classy, so down-to-earth. Every morning she'd come on set, she'd hug everyone from the grips, to the lighting, to the actors, to all the ADs. That's exactly how you want a movie star to act. She was priceless. I love her to bits.

    7. Who are some of your favorite Asian or Asian American artists?

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    Henry: I think John Cho has been killing it when it comes to being Asian leading man in a lot of films. He's producing his own movies, telling his own stories. Ang Lee, he is amazing. I think doing a film with him would be breathtaking.

    8. Do you think you have anything in common with Nick Young?

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    Henry: In the core of it, Nick is a really well-travelled guy. He puts family and love first before family riches, and I think he just wants to do the right thing. He sees the error of his ways, and he tries to make amends for Rachel. He was a little silly in not preparing Rachel, maybe he was afraid of something- [distracted by kitten] This guy's trying to escape, don't do it! [laughs] Come back! He wants to be independent and not have to rely on being this heir to this ridiculous family throne, I guess we have that in common? [laughs] ...I definitely don't have the bank account. I wish that was something that, perhaps, was available.

    9. Is there anything you would change about your career?

    Inga Lam / BuzzFeed

    Henry: I don't believe in having regrets. Just think of it as a learning process, I've never let anything get me down. Otherwise, you're just going to have bad vibes, negative energy. Let it go, be like a kitten, forget about it.

    10. Can't get enough of Henry? Don't forget to catch Crazy Rich Asians in theaters this Wednesday, August 15!

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    And to adopt one of these adorable kittens, head over to Best Friends Animal Society to learn more!