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Just 31 Things To Buy If You Just Really Love Staying Home

Making plans to leave the house just got *that* much harder.

1. A Birthdate Candle to add a bit of ambience to your cozy home since you (happily) spend all your time there, while paying homage to the best day of the year: my birthday. OK, fine. *Your* birthday.

A hand-poured white candle in a jar with a label that says "March Sixteenth"

2. Or a nostalgic cereal candle that'll make an adorable conversation piece for all the guests you keep inviting over because you refuse to go outside. I mean, why would you when you have a cinnamon toast candle waiting to be lit?

A glass bowl with white soy wax inside and little cinnamon toast squares on top

3. A rose-gold rechargeable electric lighter to replace those disposable matchsticks you keep having to run out to buy more and ugh, who wants to do that when you can stay at ✨ home ✨ ?

4. A memory foam mattress because you deserve to sleep like royalty and nothing says ✨ I'm staying home and cozying up in bed ✨ quite like a copper foam mattress.

Two models are sitting on the mattress on top of a bed frame

5. An ultra-breathable oversized blanket to cuddle on the couch while you watch all of your favorite shows on Netflix. "What's that? Go to a bar? Sorry, I just started Squid Game, so I'll be here a while." —You, and me TBH.

The grey blanket draped over a bed

6. Or a more budget-friendly fleece blanket that'll still provide tons of comfort and coziness without breaking the bank.

Reviewer photo of the white fluffy fleece blanket draped on a dark grey chair

7. A subscription to Book of the Month, a service where you can pick one (you can also add two extra books each month!) book every month from their curated list. It's like having your own little book club without having to leave your house, which is, like, the goal.

A stack of five books on a bed

8. A quirky magnetic bookmark so you can finally get around to tackling your ever-growing TBR list while having something oh so cute to look at.

The magnetic bookmark with a tombstone and the words "true crime junkie" printed on it

9. A compact cold brew maker because why leave the house and drive to a coffee shop when you can have barista-style cold brew right at home?

Reviewer photo of the cold brew maker and a glass of iced coffee

10. A coffee mug warmer with three heat settings and an auto shutoff feature so you never have to worry about taking a sip of your coffee and realize it's gone cold while you've found *the* perfect spot on the couch. AKA the worst feeling ever.

A mug filled with coffee placed on the pink warmer

11. A supportive bath pillow for anyone who would rather take a relaxing hot bath on a Friday night than go outside and *shudders* socialize.

the white bath pillow

12. A bathtub tray because with your new pillow comes new activities and one of them being reading books while drinking your favorite late-night beverage.

Reviewer photo of the bamboo bathtub tray over a white bathtub with a book and wine on top

13. A Nintendo Switch so you start a new cozy at-home hobby, like playing Stardew Valley all night long because you just *have* to make your farm look cute before bed.

14. A subscription to Blue Apron because you won't have to spend countless hours at the grocery store *or* stare mindlessly at the pile of takeout menus trying to come up with dinner for the night. Just follow the recipe given with the provided ingredients and voilà! Dinner is served!

A blue bowl with an assortment of veggies, potatoes, nuts, and grains inside it

15. A splurge-worthy Always Pan perfect for all these new weekly recipes you'll be getting! This beauty replaces eight (!!!) kitchen gadgets, weighs only 3 pounds, comes with a steamer basket and spatula nester, and is nonstick. No, really. It's actually nonstick!

16. A button-down robe so you can enjoy the comforts of working from home you love so much while *also* looking put together for Zoom meetings.

Model is wearing a black robe where the top half looks like a button-down shirt and the bottom looks like a regular robe

17. A subscription to Disney+ to bring back all those memories of you cuddling on the couch watching Lady and the Tramp or Home Alone on Christmas morning. Ahh, I can hear it now. 🎵 When you wiiish upon a staaar 🎵

A screenshot of the main menu screen of Disney+

18. A 75-inch Samsung LED TV so you can watch all of your favorite shows and movies in the crispest resolution. It *also* works as a great selling point when you're trying to convince your bestie that staying at home would be far more fun than going out. Like, hello, it's 4K HDR!

Reviewer photo of the TV mounted on a wall

19. A gel nail polish kit that will create beautiful salon-quality nails right in the comfort of your own home.

20. Twinkle lights that'll make literally any corner of your home look so ✨ magical ✨ .

Reviewer photo of the twinkle lights on cork boards surrounding polaroid pictures

21. An essential-oil diffuser to create a soothing environment that'll calm the mind and even help provide a good night's sleep. It *also* functions as a humidifier — perfect for the upcoming dry winter months.

Reviewer photo grid of the diffuser in different colors

22. A Facetory sheet mask because nothing says "my favorite hobby is staying home" quite like using a sheet mask does.

The mask next to a cup of tea

23. A spa foot tub because if there's anything that makes being at home *that* much more amazing, it's a little spa day for your tired feet.

Reviewer photo of their feet soaking in the foot spa tub

24. Or a foot Shiatsu massager if you want to get a fancier experience and also just don't like soaking your feet in water.

A diagram showing a foot inside the massager and lists what it does, like squeezing, kneading, rolling, and pressing

25. A needle-felting kit so you can create an adorable craft to keep or gift to friends, all while staying warm on the couch binge-watching Hallmark movies. AKA my ideal night.

A needle felt gnome

26. A cross-stitch kit that will not only keep you entertained all weekend, but also makes for a cute little decor piece for your home.

Person is holding a cross stitch of a bunch of cacti

27. An eye massager that comes with heat, vibrations, and air pressure to create the *perfect* eye massage you didn't even know you needed. This is peak introvert behavior and I'm living for it.

28. A mushroom chair you'll quickly designate as your go-to spot for reading books, scrolling TikTok, or taking midday naps.

Reviewer photo of the mushroom chair with a white cushion and a black wicker base

29. A container of The Pink Stuff cleaning paste that'll clean practically anything, which is great because you're home all the time and definitely want to keep it nice and spotless!

30. A rainfall shower head because after a long day of work, don't you deserve to feel like you stepped into a luxurious spa when you open your bathroom door? The answer is yes. Yes you do.

31. And finally, an AI-powered bike so you don't even have to leave your house to take one of your favorite spin classes.

Reviewer photo of the bike

You, explaining for the 123,216th time why you like to be home so much:

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